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a fart away from being a Norman Rockwell painting.3/11/2015  26  
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Virtual Symposium on Warning Signs: Unlike Sales, In Swinging Not All Deals Are Worth Closing2/22/2015  14  
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Texas Seven Why Prison guards should shoot to kill during an escape attempt2/19/2015  2  
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Freak Me Friday2/6/2015  10  
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Saturday, January 241/24/2015  0  
think or dare1/18/2015  2  
Did someone mention the Library? :)1/15/2015  24  
Portage Creek1/13/2015  12  
From my friend Santa's married and I'm not1/12/2015  1  
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I am the snake in Chinese Astrology have a read!1/8/2015  0  
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So 2015 is here, what exactly does that mean?1/3/2015  1  
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Strange Places to get Caught Having Sex11/21/2014  21  
Greatest Quotes About Sex Part III11/21/2014  0  
Remember to say I love you before you hang up!11/20/2014  3  
A way of survival11/2/2014  3  
Naughty Librarian11/2/2014  0  
You Cum11/2/2014  0  
Inappropriate Temptations10/31/2014  8  
The best blow job book I have ever read10/29/2014  9  
Where oh where is the wi-fi...10/21/2014  0  
Send Postcards and Snapshots...10/13/2014  3  
Story: Aria loses her virginity10/2/2014  0  
I remember watching Bob Hope, Bing Crosby , Dorthy Lamour10/1/2014  3  
Nudists and Naturist's piss me off9/14/2014  4  
DISCLAIMER: A caged whore DOES NOT FUCK9/13/2014  2  
RC, my virgin college buddy8/28/2014  0  
Goals:8/24/2014  3  
fucking apes8/23/2014  2  
Short Post for Now...8/21/2014  1  
What a Month!8/20/2014  4