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The Wild Goose12/29/2016  4  
Lol, a pic from Halloween!12/28/2016  0  
yo12/28/2016  0  
Butts are awesome!11/30/2016  0  
Post 2000 Passed Me By11/5/2016  8  
...In Which Ginger Has Some Afternoon Delight11/5/2016  8  
The Girl With The Sandalwood Fragrance!10/31/2016  0  
What odd things makes us horny?10/11/2016  4  
Thursday NFL Game Pick – Week 510/6/2016  8  
Hottest young woman in the world to have sex with that you can choose from.9/30/2016  1  
Great trip9/25/2016  11  
No, I Haven't Dropped Off The Face of The Earth9/9/2016  12  
Everything is about anal with you boys!9/6/2016  2  
Exercise9/1/2016  4  
Let's Talk About Bigotry8/22/2016  10  
wet n wild8/21/2016  0  
wet n wild8/21/2016  0  
Party time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8/20/2016  0  
Bar Troubleshooting Points8/3/2016  0  
On swinging8/1/2016  0  
Guys thanks for the Friend invites but I have to politely decline! Here is Why!7/30/2016  4  
Monday Fucking Funday - Fuck You Fucking Meme Makers7/25/2016  8  
Sexy Male Butts and Bodys round 27/18/2016  6  
20 listed facts ?7/17/2016  6  
Tits and Ass7/11/2016  13  
Soccer Fan7/9/2016  4  
Master Slave contracts7/5/2016  0  
Petition To Get Out Of Ruts And Out Of Butts6/29/2016  8  
Stuck In Ruts? (better than Stuck In Butts, I guess...)6/28/2016  10  
A couple of friends most likely more than that butts ....6/28/2016  0  
Oozing a smidgen6/11/2016  1  
Do This While Driving6/10/2016  1  
It's just a body6/7/2016  16  
What kind of woman do I prefer5/31/2016  0  
Love on my Fingers, Lust on my Tongue5/26/2016  1  
Is THIS True? Is Thicker Better?5/20/2016  9  
Big butts ... Interesting facts. :D5/8/2016  27  
the Jungle experience5/8/2016  0  
the Jungle experience5/8/2016  0  
4 people in a room together......5/6/2016  0  
Dreamboy and Azhar have arrived at the ballpark... Play Ball!5/6/2016  5  
Having fun5/3/2016  0  
It wasn't the mile high club, but Dreamboy and Azhar were flying high in the sky....4/25/2016  4  
What To Do With A Belly Dancer and other crimes...4/24/2016  9  
Awesome affair4/18/2016  3  
Porn4/16/2016  2  
One night in a clip joint4/14/2016  0  
IDK4/10/2016  0  
Weird Mood4/6/2016  4  
I despise my neighbors AND the landlord4/4/2016  11