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That feminine urge to capitalize on the male gaze11/27/2021  0  
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What Dressing Means to Me11/7/2021  1  
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Make the Jump11/5/2021  24  
Beginnings11/4/2021  3  
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living my lie10/30/2021  2  
Silent Pleasures...10/28/2021  0  
How To Fuck A Transman -- 3 Easy Steps10/27/2021  1  
A Special 9610/20/2021  1  
Innate desire to be herself10/20/2021  3  
How am I to serve you?10/17/2021  0  
A true story10/17/2021  0  
The unknown excites me10/13/2021  0  
More Stylisitic Ramblings.10/10/2021  2  
Getting back to the real me,10/9/2021  0  
Desire, sex and validation10/7/2021  3  
You can’t help what you become10/5/2021  0  
First Meet Up Sensual Massage (Part 2 of 2)10/1/2021  0  
Wanking9/30/2021  0  
i'm as ready as i can be9/29/2021  0  
Mine is a story of two tales9/26/2021  0  
Soon I'll know!9/25/2021  2  
I’m Confused could someone help me understand ?9/25/2021  0  
vanity9/25/2021  0  
I totally get it9/22/2021  0  
Lingerie Lust9/22/2021  2  
Guys in panties yes or no9/21/2021  3  
Guys in panties yes or no9/21/2021  0  
No Gain without pain right?9/18/2021  0  
Road to discovery9/16/2021  0  
“So clean so fresh”9/14/2021  4  
Local bisexual/lesbian woman needed to help with gyno exams9/8/2021  0  
What kind of gurl you looking for?9/7/2021  0  
First Post!!! Hiiiiiii9/6/2021  2  
So what is sex?9/5/2021  0  
It’s a lifestyle change for sure9/4/2021  2  
Some things that Bother me9/3/2021  13  
Start anew9/1/2021  1  
My ideal Gentleman9/1/2021  0  
Girl-on-Girl Ultimate Play Party Ladies playing with ladies a night filled full of girl-on-girl fun.9/1/2021  0  
HELLO THERE.8/31/2021  3  
Please stop me cheating8/25/2021  2