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Random Lyric of the Week - Songs about making songs11/26/2021  2  
Asking For A Friend11/18/2021  8  
Do you dance?11/17/2021  0  
It went like this11/17/2021  10  
After The Lone Star Rally11/13/2021  0  
Dark rocks11/12/2021  4  
Not so random lyric of the week - Hair11/10/2021  3  
I’ll be the one to tuck you in at night…11/1/2021  21  
Halloween Carols10/30/2021  15  
Random Lyric of the Week: Halloween Edition-Rocky Horror10/26/2021  0  
slow dancing on the hillside at Miller Outdoor Theater10/26/2021  0  
car girl 4 car guy10/25/2021  0  
Random Lyric of the Week - One Hit Wonders10/20/2021  0  
“One good thing about music, when it hits you Feel no pain“—Bob Marley10/15/2021  4  
Random Lyric of the Week: The Beatles10/13/2021  3  
Different Approach10/13/2021  2  
Random Lyric of the Week: Janice Joplin10/6/2021  0  
When in Rome10/3/2021  0  
Calm before the storm9/27/2021  0  
Psychedelic Visions w/pics9/26/2021  6  
Simple Must Do's9/23/2021  1  
Weekend Surprise Wife9/23/2021  0  
Random Question9/20/2021  6  
Random Lyric of the Week: Led Zeppelin9/15/2021  0  
Looking for a lap dance9/13/2021  1  
Big Balls ... :)9/7/2021  12  
Crickey September Already9/4/2021  2  
Life is Fire and Rain9/2/2021  7  
Episode...oh hell, I lost count! An Evening of Flirty Fun!8/31/2021  13  
Malice In LaLaLand Review8/29/2021  2  
Born to be wild8/27/2021  3  
So Tell Me What Will You Do?8/24/2021  3  
Blonde In Yokohama Review8/24/2021  0  
If it ain't broke....8/24/2021  0  
I was just curious.8/21/2021  1  
Living in a Delta world8/19/2021  14  
Magical Times and Threesomes8/15/2021  3  
Such a long long time to be gone, and a short time to be there—Robert Hunter/Phil Lesh8/9/2021  3  
**** Fridays Fun Bonus Trivia Game ****8/6/2021  15  
Yesterday's twlight zone from Lonly's side8/1/2021  10  
~~~~ She Knows How To Tease ~~~~7/28/2021  26  
Then it is winter7/20/2021  11  
Quote Of The Day: 7-17-217/17/2021  5  
Only Having Eyes for You7/16/2021  5  
Songs7/13/2021  1  
Music quiz - Stage show songs7/11/2021  10  
Age, does it matter?7/9/2021  23  
Things I miss the most and things I will do after pandemic7/6/2021  0  
Covers vs's not a contest!7/5/2021  0