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visiting america11/27/2021  2  
Posted Without Comment....11/23/2021  2  
Fantasy Transformation11/19/2021  0  
How can I use FriendFinder-x to better my social life?11/15/2021  1  
seeing how many people would judge some who went to prison11/9/2021  0  
Call me skeptical, but...11/8/2021  1  
SCENES FROM A VISIT...11/7/2021  13  
Tallahassee man cam11/6/2021  1  
I am back to gold now10/31/2021  0  
Beth 4 Making love to the farm report.10/24/2021  2  
backyard sun10/22/2021  0  
Beth 3 Our first night together....10/17/2021  3  
Blue Orgins10/13/2021  0  
Blue Orgins10/13/2021  0  
Blue Orgins William Shatner Launch10/13/2021  1  
Yes, I'm 6 ft 7, real, willing to relocate eventually, ISO real or fun for now. Let's talk10/10/2021  0  
Beth 210/9/2021  2  
When I found out my wife was a closet super slut10/8/2021  0  
I was praying it would be my last; but, I guess not. Read It and Weep ride along with me.10/8/2021  1  
Last Days on FriendFinder-x - The Young Buck Experience10/6/2021  0  
October 2, 2021 - JPL10/6/2021  1  
Finally Realizing I was No Longer Bi Curious10/4/2021  0  
Just moved to Florida10/3/2021  1  
When in Rome10/3/2021  0  
Florida Meetup10/3/2021  3  
Beth....10/2/2021  4  
September Update: Heading East9/16/2021  0  
Any fun couples looking to host 3rd? Moving9/15/2021  0  
SCUBA diving near Pensacola FL9/9/2021  1  
Local bisexual/lesbian woman needed to help with gyno exams9/8/2021  0  
need boyfriend8/29/2021  0  
Alphabet Soup8/26/2021  12  
Are There Different Types of Orgasms? What Sex Experts Say8/15/2021  0  
The real me August 14 20218/14/2021  0  
That's MY address, dammit!!8/11/2021  5  
What a pleasure to meet you young ladies8/11/2021  0  
Nude Sunbathing at Home8/10/2021  3  
Day 3 I think...8/9/2021  1  
I'm experiencing a remarkable sexual spiritual journey8/9/2021  0  
Just came back to adultfinders8/6/2021  2  
Unicorn8/4/2021  0  
In lakeland florida hit me up if want to meet7/29/2021  0  
Ormond by the sea7/26/2021  0  
Back in the mask7/25/2021  19  
Southwest Florida Gay Naturist Club7/25/2021  2  
New friends7/16/2021  3  
Pretty older wife7/10/2021  1  
I'm sorry if it offends you, but I think Trump is the best.7/3/2021  0  
Looking for a sexy lady to come to Florida with me Sunday6/18/2021  0