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Love to screw but don't drive do live alone so I can entertain anytime you like7/30/2021  0  
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A blast from the past! Spandex's, make an ass look good!4/13/2021  11  
Dancing in the Dark4/5/2021  5  
Spandex and Nylons3/27/2021  5  
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My Personal Pornstar pt23/22/2021  0  
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My Heart Hurts10/7/2020  12  
NYC Cop In California8/19/2020  0  
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Body Shaming - Sexism6/13/2020  0  
Being Taken In My Red Panties6/9/2020  1  
Wedgies are supposed to be uncomfortable. Or are they?2/22/2020  19  
The making of LEXIE1/19/2020  2  
"Spandex"12/31/2019  10  
"Yoga pants"12/31/2019  9  
I got no clue12/30/2019  0  
Spandex, workout clothes12/12/2019  11  
Jeanette's Wild Side (True Confessions)12/11/2019  0  
**** Top Christmas Gifts Part Two ****12/4/2019  16  
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Profanity hee!7/5/2019  10  
Mfm friend visits regularly6/18/2019  1  
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Grow the Fuck Up Already1/14/2019  11  
Christmas and New Year Fun1/3/2019  0  
10 Bra Styles for Every Size and Shape11/25/2018  0  
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Natural Medicine: More Doctors Prescribing Time Outdoors10/24/2018  2  
Why Pre-Workout Static Stretching Is Actually Dangerous8/29/2018  2  
SISSY WEEKEND LUST8/21/2018  4  
Running is good for health8/15/2018  3  
here is a literotica story that reminds me of my younger days8/14/2018  0  
she put on a show7/30/2018  4  
Holy shit! I deflower a bisexual virgin!7/18/2018  4  
sexy cycling groups in socal.....?6/1/2018  0  
My rented mini van is a chick magnet5/13/2018  0  
Nothing in Life is A Drag3/30/2018  8  
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...In Which A Feminist Discusses Grits & Impending Shenanigans8/4/2017  6  
Anyone have a non-consent fantasy?5/28/2017  1  
Is that you???4/5/2017  0