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i know i havent been on much10/23/2021  0  
I'm not sure why I'm still here8/28/2021  5  
Notice to all my friends here,,,8/14/2021  14  
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Who’s your daddy?6/20/2021  2  
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Should I ???10/12/2020  23  
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¿Qué es una mujer WHIP?2/14/2020  3  
A business trip with my sugar daddy (Day 1)2/13/2020  1  
A business trip with my sugar daddy (Day 0)2/13/2020  0  
Sugaring: Sensualman's Take1/1/2020  5  
Mal gestöbert in Gruppen .. lach12/27/2019  6  
I need a sugar daddy I want some11/16/2019  6  
Updated: Why I Flirt & Screenshots from Other Sites11/14/2019  0  
Cheating - does it always mean a bad marriage?10/31/2019  3  
Money has no Place Here, but Clearly it Helps9/18/2019  6  
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"That the power of the Pussy"!4/1/2019  5  
Been a long time....3/28/2019  0  
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Sometimes I need to ghost someone too...2/12/2019  6  
Friend Or Lover? Nah....2/10/2019  3  
They are not Perfect Match2/5/2019  2  
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You may ask me 'Why did you tag that profile FAKE?'10/18/2018  1  
Fucked on the Ranch10/4/2018  0  
More About Me10/1/2018  1  
To be or not to be (a kept woman)9/23/2018  0  
What I am looking for from Single Men:8/27/2018  7