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Intriguing12/8/2021  0  
So many fantasies12/7/2021  0  
Available to host a HOT wife in center city tonight near rittenhouse12/6/2021  0  
hot horny slutty babe hosting hard cocks -1 or more invited12/6/2021  2  
Ambassador12/6/2021  7  
Things I Enjoy12/5/2021  0  
WHICH ONE IS IT? VARIOUS, INC. .... SHAM OR SCAM?!!12/5/2021  2  
take me part 474...edited12/4/2021  1  
Hi Guys =D12/4/2021  0  
Is this wrong???12/4/2021  11  
3WAY TONIGHT!!12/3/2021  0  
3WAY TONIGHT!!12/3/2021  0  
3WAY TONIGHT!!12/3/2021  0  
Looking for a younger woman to get too old.12/2/2021  0  
Mature Bi Sissy BTM Male is Craving a Cock and Gang Bang11/30/2021  0  
What happens when you stop..........this is serious stuff11/30/2021  4  
take me part 453... they mangled this one. I edited it...but11/29/2021  2  
Midday quickies11/29/2021  0  
it's not just a number11/28/2021  0  
Last Week...11/28/2021  12  
Things that irk11/28/2021  12  
Fuck it.11/26/2021  0  
A sure thing!11/25/2021  1  
Libido is supposed to decrease in your middle years. I didn't get the memo.11/25/2021  0  
Thanksgiving Eve11/24/2021  1  
Who enjoys being rimed?11/24/2021  2  
Unexpected Couples Meet/Greet11/23/2021  3  
My Teenage Years (#2)11/23/2021  0  
Kinky boss-man!11/22/2021  0  
Is it Time for a New Book?11/22/2021  9  
In the Beginning... (#1)11/21/2021  0  
Elena Has Adventures through the Looking Glass11/20/2021  2  
Cougar domination11/20/2021  2  
Don't waste that (2)11/18/2021  0  
4some: Anal Sex with My Boss’ Niece and My Fiancée11/16/2021  0  
I really need some love in my life. very ipen straight gentleman. in need of younger transexual femP11/15/2021  0  
UPDATE ...11/15/2021  1  
"Jack's Nights" ...11/13/2021  0  
What a week.....11/13/2021  10  
Close encounter - first time11/12/2021  3  
Threesome with 51 and 57 year old women11/12/2021  0  
Hey, free member here, what can I say, right?11/12/2021  3  
Athletes Dropping Like Flies11/11/2021  5  
My new GYM11/11/2021  5  
I think I may have started something....11/10/2021  4  
Looking for cougars no bullshit, lol , but I’m serious,11/9/2021  0  
Relax Sunday with an older woman!11/7/2021  4  
Older men with younger women for your relaxing Sunday!11/7/2021  3  
Do you prefer older or younger women?11/6/2021  9