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take me part 473...edited12/4/2021  0  
take me part 472....edited12/4/2021  0  
Feelings don't care about facts either...12/4/2021  15  
The week of Dec 7-10th12/3/2021  0  
Adult Theater (First Time)12/3/2021  0  
take me part 46112/2/2021  2  
first blog: Identifying fake accounts from 'east asians'12/1/2021  0  
BULLIES ANDK FAKES12/1/2021  1  
Inbox11/30/2021  0  
Guns and Spice Asshats Round 211/29/2021  6  
The wanted ghosting11/28/2021  0  
email me11/26/2021  0  
Im what u need send me ur email or # number if u want to have fun11/26/2021  0  
distants/liars11/25/2021  0  
Jack and I Broke Up - PART ONE11/23/2021  7  
interested in meeting up with me?11/22/2021  0  
meet up?11/22/2021  0  
non paying member,11/21/2021  0  
Young in search of Older Woman11/20/2021  1  
Wasted Email11/20/2021  1  
looking for ISee & ck11/19/2021  2  
Wasted Email11/19/2021  12  
Dolor11/19/2021  0  
Please read blogs people11/17/2021  1  
Virgin Blogger11/13/2021  1  
Do you like office sex?11/12/2021  2  
Do Me Internally11/12/2021  6  
The Constant FAKE Accounts11/9/2021  0  
30 Things Men Wish Women Knew11/6/2021  0  
I am a very submissive bi man that you can use as you want to!11/5/2021  0  
I want this site to be true...but...11/4/2021  2  
Flight Attendants - Round 211/1/2021  0  
I Am Not A Stalker I Swear...11/1/2021  0  
**SEX CLUBS**10/28/2021  0  
FriendFinder-x is full of fake women.10/28/2021  0  
i aint afraid of no ghosts!10/27/2021  3  
Hide and Seek10/27/2021  0  
The instant messenger function doesn’t work…most of the time.10/27/2021  0  
The newest enticements with bogus profiles10/27/2021  1  
letting someone down in a nice way10/25/2021  2  
Q:10/23/2021  9  
Why is it so hard to get some warm wet pussy and a hot meal?10/22/2021  0  
Why is it so hard to get some warm wet pussy and a hot meal?10/22/2021  0  
A Vacation Afternoon10/22/2021  0  
Paranormal Activity - Part 2 I Heard from Casper10/22/2021  12  
Why is it so hard to get some warm wet pussy and a hot meal?10/21/2021  0  
Sexy, Funny, Sunny, Horny Yorkie Gals? xx10/21/2021  0  
Wedding fun10/19/2021  8  
Managing the Fakes10/17/2021  0