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Send messages on here if interested, no longer gold11/29/2021  0  
tips get ya nudes and will get me doing a live painting to pussy video11/29/2021  0  
tips get ya nudes and will get me doing a live painting to pussy video11/29/2021  0  
Glitch in Saying I viewed a profile11/29/2021  1  
First blog/My room11/29/2021  8  
Single male looking for play partners11/28/2021  0  
Good Sunday Morning to you all...11/28/2021  4  
That feminine urge to capitalize on the male gaze11/27/2021  0  
I'd rather have a woman dance with me...11/27/2021  6  
Hi11/27/2021  1  
preference's11/27/2021  2  
all In a days play11/26/2021  1  
Fuck it.11/26/2021  0  
A Better Day11/26/2021  1  
Here is the thing11/25/2021  12  
Feeling overwhelmed11/25/2021  5  
Contact me here11/24/2021  1  
Farewell11/24/2021  3  
Interesting things I've learned about FriendFinder-x as a standard member11/23/2021  0  
Contact11/23/2021  1  
interested in meeting up with me?11/22/2021  0  
non paying member,11/21/2021  0  
Dealing with Difficult People11/21/2021  59  
What is it about most of the people on this site and not replying to messages?11/21/2021  0  
Messages from Gold.11/20/2021  1  
So far... Nothing11/18/2021  1  
Inbox!11/18/2021  0  
Do you dance?11/17/2021  0  
To Be Missed11/17/2021  4  
SMH why is this so difficult11/16/2021  1  
why is it so hard...?11/16/2021  0  
Second impression11/15/2021  0  
COME TO MY TABLE11/14/2021  17  
Formerly Abby_Absinthe; Absentia_Anise11/13/2021  1  
Some couple are RABID! Don't take your frustration with others out on me! Inaccurate profiles etc11/13/2021  0  
Searching11/12/2021  1  
Mr. P spoils me!!!!11/12/2021  3  
You want to put what, where? And then?11/12/2021  7  
It Clouds the Brain11/12/2021  4  
Free association ....11/10/2021  11  
Amusing bot from Azerbijan11/10/2021  19  
13 POINTS is NOT enought to reply to your chats11/9/2021  1  
So horny today11/9/2021  13  
Postbox for Private Messages11/9/2021  27  
Locals get at me11/9/2021  0  
Pick my next blog!11/8/2021  9  
If I don’t answer you messages11/7/2021  0  
take me part 37211/6/2021  0  
Happy Saturday - It's POLL TIME!11/6/2021  22  
First impressions11/4/2021  2