Visiting A friend In Maryland  

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Visiting A friend In Maryland

since I turned 16 and got a drivers license. I begged my parents to buy a car. they did but it was an old ford pickup truck and its a clunker. but it ran, it got to and from . that's all they could afroed. my dad worked to jobs and my mom also worked to help make ends meet. I also got a part time job at a local butcher shop . After one year Ed the owner liked me and noticed how hard I tried to work and especially in the summer time working full hours. ED gave me a raise . I graduated high school and my parents surprised with a newer pickup truck. it was still A year old used truck , But it ran like new. this was my freedom that I wanted. my friend john in Maryland, I have payed video games with since I was years old , He asked to go visit him for a few weeks. I asked my parents if I could go and they weren't to happy about it but they let go. I had saved up about 6 thousand dollars. This was A good opportunity for to see some local scenery. I planed my routes carefully. I told my friend I'll be their in three weeks. the trip was 500 hundred miles. I lied to my parents and told them Ill be john my friend for a month. Saturday mooring got in my car and drove off. None of my other friends wanted to go.

I drove through the scenic routs until I thought a town looked interesting and stopped. Grabbing a bite looking around or sleep in a motel for the night. A bout two weeks later am in west Virginia. I came across a small town. I stopped to eat and looking around. its A small typical town with nothing much going on. I noticed this big guy with a big belly walking out of the auto repair shop. He looked my, and had A smile on his . I didn't think much of it . Growing up in A small town, every body smile. I smiled back and waved. I started driving again but this time I got kind of lost. I really didn't care, but after one hour or so of driving and not another car on the road, spoked me.

I counited driving for another half hour and my truck brakes down. I sat in my truck hoping for some one to drive , no one an hour later, I began walking , no towns in site . It was also getting dark . I headed back to my truck and I heard another truck driving towered form a distance. As the truck got closer I flagged him down and he stopped it was the big fat guy from the repair shop. hey sweet thing what happened?, he asked. My truck broke down, I replied. well hop on sweetie and let s take a it. I get in his truck and we start heading to my truck. He looks shakes some wires try's to start it but the engine won't turn over. I thank him, asked how much I owed him . he smiled and said tomorrow I'll tow it to my Shoppe and have a better it. ok I said, and thanked him again and began to enter my car.

sweetie you cant sleep here it to dangerous. come and I'll take you back to town. no I told him , It's to far, ok then come to my house. no I'll sleep here. no . He kept on insisting to go with him. I finally said ok. He smiled and hooked the truck up to his tow-truck. he opens the door for me spanks my ass as I entered his truck and closed the door. We kept quit for some time and then he finally asked What's your name sweet thing ?. its john. what he said, Johnny. Any one ever tell you your A cutie he asked?. no I said. um I am a ., I told him. but your still A cutie. Putting his dirty hand on my knee. I asked him to please stop. why don't you like it. He asked as his hand reached my crouch. no I don't, I said, let , I said and repeated my self A few times. I even tried to open the door and jump , but he grabbed and slapped in the and laughed. I started crying. He grabbed by my hair and pulled closer to him and tried to kiss with his bad breath. He pulled the truck over. got and came to my side opened the door and grabbed me and puled me . he began to slap across the . I fell to the ground , he picks up and with his strong grip around my arm brings to the back of my truck opens the tail gate pulls down my pants and wear. has lay on my stomach and begins to spank hard . I began to cry and yelped from the pain but he didn't stop and told that I was his from now on and if I don't do what he tells than he's really going to hurt . Do you stand he said?. I shook my head yes. good. he kissed my and forced his tongue in my mouth. and grabbed my ass. Umm that's sweet. now in the truck. I couldn't sit, my ass was hurting and I was crying all the way to his house and his hand was exploring and foundling my body.

since I was I had A medical issue called XXY syndrome And my body made more estrogen. I looked more of a than a . My voice is pitched similar to A girls. I have long girly legs, with small narrow feet, wide hips ,narrow waist , A plump well rounded butt with thighs to match, My penis and balls are small and somewhat hidden. A small tummy bulge, some breast about a b cup, smooth body, never grew any body hair and never been through puberty, I have narrow shoulders. My lips are plump and I have A small nose. A reseeding hair line and about shoulder length hair. Am 5'7" tall. In I was sometimes bullied and the girls wanted to try on make-up on me. I never had sex or A girl friend. I had three friends. that's why this truck driver thinks am A .

We arrived his house and his brother was side, come Jake see what I got us. he opened the door and pulled me . I fell to the ground I was still crying. oh she's a cutie, ain't she. Jake pulled my pants , underwear off. Billy removed my sneakers and socks and Jake see's my crouch. OH Bill you old of A you got us a prize. Jake pull's off my t-shirt and garbs my breasts, sweet, he said. wait till Jamie see's her he's going to go crazy over her. Lets get her in the house and clean her up for tonight. this weekend were having lots of fun with her. Oh lets bring her to the back and clean her first said Jake. yea good idea. they both lifted and brought to the back and laid on a table , faced down, they smacked my ass and said now you be A good little and don't move or else you hear. I shook my head yes. another hard smack on my ass ouch I cried and began to cry from the pain . yes I said in a soft voice. another smack on my ass and I cried from the pain and I continued to cry even more I was in pain I began squirming from the pain . good , he said and walked away. Hearing foot steps I asked why are you doing this to ?. they laughed. because your a cutie. my legs were grabbed and spread wide tied apart and I felt some thing being wigged in to my butthole. please stop I cried , please stop. he came around and gaged my mouth. and said don't worry were not going to hurt you, the four of us and maybe more are going to have lots of fun to together for a long time. I felt my tummy filling up and lots of pressure. hey sweet thing as he rubbed my ass, you ever had an enema be fore. no I shook my head, you'll them and get plenty of them and then I expelled. after a while they turned me over and tied my legs up and and reclined my back as in a sitting position spread wide apart and shoved the hose up my butt again and filled up , Oh said Billy what a cutie. Look at his little dickie and wigged it around. that's not A dickie that's A clit said Jake. They cleaned until the water are clear. I was grabbed and brought to the bathroom and bathed and dried .

I was brought back in to the bedroom and chained to a big bed naked. After A while food was given to . I was also introduced to the third brother and he was drooling over me like a hungry wolf . all brothers were big and fat with beards ,smelly, dirty, and scary looking. I asked to use the bathroom. if you got to piss use that bucket under the bed said Jamie. after I ate I laid in bed crying and thinking what was about to happen to . about two hours later they walked in to the bed room and started foundling and exploring my body from head to toe and everything in between one of the brothers spread my butt checks and licked my butt hole and then fingered me, ouch I yelped out and a cock was shoved in my mouth. I was picked up and brought to another bedroom and placed on my back on a small table. My arms and body are tied down and my legs are lifted to knee height spread wide and tied to some posts and continued were they left off.

foundling every part of my body, and I was crying and begging them to stop. and a cock was shoved in my mouth and two hands on my head pushing my head back and fourth. faster and harder balls deep. my breasts were squeezed and my nipples are twisted to a point were I would moan from some pain. My feet are being licked and my<b> toes </font></b>are being sucked. and slowly his moving up. A my head is being moved back and fourth I started to taste something salty and gooey in my mouth and all of A sudden my head spins in the other direction and another cock shoved in. My head was forced back and fourth . his cock was a little bigger but thicker, My butt hole is being tongued and A finger is being inserted, Ouch I tried to say but his cock muffled my voice. I had begone to feel strange and I didn't like that feeling. I also didn't want this to happen but I had no choice. Just as I started to taste some gooey slimy liquid in my mouth my head was forced in the other direction. and a cock was shoved in my mouth this cock was bigger and thicker. I felt my butthole being licked and my inner thighs being rubbed. felling that strange feeling getting stronger, my tummy felt as if it was being twisted and tickled at the same time, and trying to close my legs. He continued to lick my butt hole and inserting his finger and he stopped for A moment. my breasts are still being squeezed and my nipples are being twisted and cocks are being shoved in and out of my mouth. I felt something hard on my but hole and a hand on each of the back of my knees. I began to scream and cry trying to squirm away trying to move my butt, from the pain as he plunged his cock in my butt hole balls deep as if it was a pussy. But the one brother continued to fuck my mouth with his cock .tears are running down my face as am trying to get him to stop fucking my ass. There was nothing I can do. Eventually the pain subsided and the strange feeling in my tummy turning in to some pleasurer, That I didn't want. I heard grunting he pulled his cock out of my mouth and than I felt something warm on my face and it ran down to my lips in my mouth and down my cheek. my head was turned. and a whisper in my ear asked if I like how cum tasted and he shook my head no. good he said. you will learn to like and shoved his cock in my mouth. I began to moan from the ass fucking The grunting got loader and the ass fucking got faster and harder as well as the face fucking. my breasts and nipples being squeezed ,twisted and hands all over my body especially rubbing my inner thighs. I was getting turned on and my moans are now voiced. I heard a loud grunt and the ass fucking stopped. I also heard another loud grunt and my mouth was full of slimy gooey cum. my head was turned and now a fourth guy shoved his cock in my mouth. my hands are now untied and placed un two cocks. as my head was pulled back and another cock shoved in my mouth. my hands were motioned to stroke the cocks. as there cocks grew in my mouth they took turns fucking my ass .Shooting their loads and returning to my mouth. my moans had gotten louder and my breaths got shorter and I would shoot out with every second guy. After each guy fuck me two or three time it was finally over .I was untied and cared to my bed and chained up for the night.

Next mooring I was woken up very early by Jamie. He unchained me from the bed and wrapped a collar around my neck and dragged me in to the backyard by a leash, Were he had me lay on my front on the short table and shoved the hose up my ass and water began to fill me up. he comes and stands in front of my face, pulls down his overalls and his tighty whitey underwear and his cock sprung in to attention hitting me in the face. he bends over and said bitch you can do this the easy way or the hard way your choice. I took a deep breath and exhaled and opened my mouth, good girl he said and slid it right in and began to face fuck me , grabbing my boobs, twisting my nipples I Moaned from the pain . I know you like having your nipples' played with and my ass counited to expel the water and refilled my ass.

Jamie walked behind me pulled out the hose I expelled the last of the water and he spread my butt checks and he started to lick me and sliding his tongue in and out of my hole having me feel strange again and then he slid his cock in my ass and spanked me, I screamed and cried from the pain no lube just some water that was in my butt . trying to move away from him but he held on to my waist and didn't let go. Jamie's cock is bigger and thicker than his brother's cock s. Jamie wasn't so ruff with my ass he is slow at first and gets faster and harder and then he slows down. after the pain subsided I began to feel that strange feeling in my tummy but this time its a little more pleasant and I began to moan from the pleaser of Jamie fucking my ass. He reach down and grabbed my boobs ,twisting my nipples, I voiced my moan's, that sent a shouting pain around my body and than my body felt pleasurer. My voiced moans got louder and my breath got shorter with moans as my body began to shake ,I heard Jamie grunting, his fucking got harder my moans got louder my body is shacking more, and than I felt my little cock pissing A sigh of relief for me but Jamie continued to fuck me for A few more minuets, his grunting got louder and I heard hi s sigh of relief. He walked in front of me , grabbed my hair and pulled my head up. how did you like your first orgasm bitch, he asked?. Trying to catch my breath I gave him A little smile. He than placed his cock on my lips and said clean it. he shoved his cum dripping cock in my mouth. and he said lick it bitch use your tongue. As his cock still dripped A little I licked it all up. He shoved the hose in my ass again and cleaned me out.
to be continued

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