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Visiting A friend In Maryland
Posted:Sep 2, 2021 7:10 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2022 4:54 am

since I turned 16 and got a drivers license. I begged my parents to buy a car. they did but it was an old ford pickup truck and its a clunker. but it ran, it got to and from . that's all they could afroed. my dad worked to jobs and my mom also worked to help make ends meet. I also got a part time job at a local butcher shop . After one year Ed the owner liked me and noticed how hard I tried to work and especially in the summer time working full hours. ED gave me a raise . I graduated high school and my parents surprised with a newer pickup truck. it was still A year old used truck , But it ran like new. this was my freedom that I wanted. my friend john in Maryland, I have payed video games with since I was years old , He asked to go visit him for a few weeks. I asked my parents if I could go and they weren't to happy about it but they let go. I had saved up about 6 thousand dollars. This was A good opportunity for to see some local scenery. I planed my routes carefully. I told my friend I'll be their in three weeks. the trip was 500 hundred miles. I lied to my parents and told them Ill be john my friend for a month. Saturday mooring got in my car and drove off. None of my other friends wanted to go.

I drove through the scenic routs until I thought a town looked interesting and stopped. Grabbing a bite looking around or sleep in a motel for the night. A bout two weeks later am in west Virginia. I came across a small town. I stopped to eat and looking around. its A small typical town with nothing much going on. I noticed this big guy with a big belly walking out of the auto repair shop. He looked my, and had A smile on his . I didn't think much of it . Growing up in A small town, every body smile. I smiled back and waved. I started driving again but this time I got kind of lost. I really didn't care, but after one hour or so of driving and not another car on the road, spoked me.

I counited driving for another half hour and my truck brakes down. I sat in my truck hoping for some one to drive , no one an hour later, I began walking , no towns in site . It was also getting dark . I headed back to my truck and I heard another truck driving towered form a distance. As the truck got closer I flagged him down and he stopped it was the big fat guy from the repair shop. hey sweet thing what happened?, he asked. My truck broke down, I replied. well hop on sweetie and let s take a it. I get in his truck and we start heading to my truck. He looks shakes some wires try's to start it but the engine won't turn over. I thank him, asked how much I owed him . he smiled and said tomorrow I'll tow it to my Shoppe and have a better it. ok I said, and thanked him again and began to enter my car.

sweetie you cant sleep here it to dangerous. come and I'll take you back to town. no I told him , It's to far, ok then come to my house. no I'll sleep here. no . He kept on insisting to go with him. I finally said ok. He smiled and hooked the truck up to his tow-truck. he opens the door for me spanks my ass as I entered his truck and closed the door. We kept quit for some time and then he finally asked What's your name sweet thing ?. its john. what he said, Johnny. Any one ever tell you your A cutie he asked?. no I said. um I am a ., I told him. but your still A cutie. Putting his dirty hand on my knee. I asked him to please stop. why don't you like it. He asked as his hand reached my crouch. no I don't, I said, let , I said and repeated my self A few times. I even tried to open the door and jump , but he grabbed and slapped in the and laughed. I started crying. He grabbed by my hair and pulled closer to him and tried to kiss with his bad breath. He pulled the truck over. got and came to my side opened the door and grabbed me and puled me . he began to slap across the . I fell to the ground , he picks up and with his strong grip around my arm brings to the back of my truck opens the tail gate pulls down my pants and wear. has lay on my stomach and begins to spank hard . I began to cry and yelped from the pain but he didn't stop and told that I was his from now on and if I don't do what he tells than he's really going to hurt . Do you stand he said?. I shook my head yes. good. he kissed my and forced his tongue in my mouth. and grabbed my ass. Umm that's sweet. now in the truck. I couldn't sit, my ass was hurting and I was crying all the way to his house and his hand was exploring and foundling my body.

since I was I had A medical issue called XXY syndrome And my body made more estrogen. I looked more of a than a . My voice is pitched similar to A girls. I have long girly legs, with small narrow feet, wide hips ,narrow waist , A plump well rounded butt with thighs to match, My penis and balls are small and somewhat hidden. A small tummy bulge, some breast about a b cup, smooth body, never grew any body hair and never been through puberty, I have narrow shoulders. My lips are plump and I have A small nose. A reseeding hair line and about shoulder length hair. Am 5'7" tall. In I was sometimes bullied and the girls wanted to try on make-up on me. I never had sex or A girl friend. I had three friends. that's why this truck driver thinks am A .

We arrived his house and his brother was side, come Jake see what I got us. he opened the door and pulled me . I fell to the ground I was still crying. oh she's a cutie, ain't she. Jake pulled my pants , underwear off. Billy removed my sneakers and socks and Jake see's my crouch. OH Bill you old of A you got us a prize. Jake pull's off my t-shirt and garbs my breasts, sweet, he said. wait till Jamie see's her he's going to go crazy over her. Lets get her in the house and clean her up for tonight. this weekend were having lots of fun with her. Oh lets bring her to the back and clean her first said Jake. yea good idea. they both lifted and brought to the back and laid on a table , faced down, they smacked my ass and said now you be A good little and don't move or else you hear. I shook my head yes. another hard smack on my ass ouch I cried and began to cry from the pain . yes I said in a soft voice. another smack on my ass and I cried from the pain and I continued to cry even more I was in pain I began squirming from the pain . good , he said and walked away. Hearing foot steps I asked why are you doing this to ?. they laughed. because your a cutie. my legs were grabbed and spread wide tied apart and I felt some thing being wigged in to my butthole. please stop I cried , please stop. he came around and gaged my mouth. and said don't worry were not going to hurt you, the four of us and maybe more are going to have lots of fun to together for a long time. I felt my tummy filling up and lots of pressure. hey sweet thing as he rubbed my ass, you ever had an enema be fore. no I shook my head, you'll them and get plenty of them and then I expelled. after a while they turned me over and tied my legs up and and reclined my back as in a sitting position spread wide apart and shoved the hose up my butt again and filled up , Oh said Billy what a cutie. Look at his little dickie and wigged it around. that's not A dickie that's A clit said Jake. They cleaned until the water are clear. I was grabbed and brought to the bathroom and bathed and dried .

I was brought back in to the bedroom and chained to a big bed naked. After A while food was given to . I was also introduced to the third brother and he was drooling over me like a hungry wolf . all brothers were big and fat with beards ,smelly, dirty, and scary looking. I asked to use the bathroom. if you got to piss use that bucket under the bed said Jamie. after I ate I laid in bed crying and thinking what was about to happen to . about two hours later they walked in to the bed room and started foundling and exploring my body from head to toe and everything in between one of the brothers spread my butt checks and licked my butt hole and then fingered me, ouch I yelped out and a cock was shoved in my mouth. I was picked up and brought to another bedroom and placed on my back on a small table. My arms and body are tied down and my legs are lifted to knee height spread wide and tied to some posts and continued were they left off.

foundling every part of my body, and I was crying and begging them to stop. and a cock was shoved in my mouth and two hands on my head pushing my head back and fourth. faster and harder balls deep. my breasts were squeezed and my nipples are twisted to a point were I would moan from some pain. My feet are being licked and my toes are being sucked. and slowly his moving up. A my head is being moved back and fourth I started to taste something salty and gooey in my mouth and all of A sudden my head spins in the other direction and another cock shoved in. My head was forced back and fourth . his cock was a little bigger but thicker, My butt hole is being tongued and A finger is being inserted, Ouch I tried to say but his cock muffled my voice. I had begone to feel strange and I didn't like that feeling. I also didn't want this to happen but I had no choice. Just as I started to taste some gooey slimy liquid in my mouth my head was forced in the other direction. and a cock was shoved in my mouth this cock was bigger and thicker. I felt my butthole being licked and my inner thighs being rubbed. felling that strange feeling getting stronger, my tummy felt as if it was being twisted and tickled at the same time, and trying to close my legs. He continued to lick my butt hole and inserting his finger and he stopped for A moment. my breasts are still being squeezed and my nipples are being twisted and cocks are being shoved in and out of my mouth. I felt something hard on my but hole and a hand on each of the back of my knees. I began to scream and cry trying to squirm away trying to move my butt, from the pain as he plunged his cock in my butt hole balls deep as if it was a pussy. But the one brother continued to fuck my mouth with his cock .tears are running down my face as am trying to get him to stop fucking my ass. There was nothing I can do. Eventually the pain subsided and the strange feeling in my tummy turning in to some pleasurer, That I didn't want. I heard grunting he pulled his cock out of my mouth and than I felt something warm on my face and it ran down to my lips in my mouth and down my cheek. my head was turned. and a whisper in my ear asked if I like how cum tasted and he shook my head no. good he said. you will learn to like and shoved his cock in my mouth. I began to moan from the ass fucking The grunting got loader and the ass fucking got faster and harder as well as the face fucking. my breasts and nipples being squeezed ,twisted and hands all over my body especially rubbing my inner thighs. I was getting turned on and my moans are now voiced. I heard a loud grunt and the ass fucking stopped. I also heard another loud grunt and my mouth was full of slimy gooey cum. my head was turned and now a fourth guy shoved his cock in my mouth. my hands are now untied and placed un two cocks. as my head was pulled back and another cock shoved in my mouth. my hands were motioned to stroke the cocks. as there cocks grew in my mouth they took turns fucking my ass .Shooting their loads and returning to my mouth. my moans had gotten louder and my breaths got shorter and I would shoot out with every second guy. After each guy fuck me two or three time it was finally over .I was untied and cared to my bed and chained up for the night.

Next mooring I was woken up very early by Jamie. He unchained me from the bed and wrapped a collar around my neck and dragged me in to the backyard by a leash, Were he had me lay on my front on the short table and shoved the hose up my ass and water began to fill me up. he comes and stands in front of my face, pulls down his overalls and his tighty whitey underwear and his cock sprung in to attention hitting me in the face. he bends over and said bitch you can do this the easy way or the hard way your choice. I took a deep breath and exhaled and opened my mouth, good girl he said and slid it right in and began to face fuck me , grabbing my boobs, twisting my nipples I Moaned from the pain . I know you like having your nipples' played with and my ass counited to expel the water and refilled my ass.

Jamie walked behind me pulled out the hose I expelled the last of the water and he spread my butt checks and he started to lick me and sliding his tongue in and out of my hole having me feel strange again and then he slid his cock in my ass and spanked me, I screamed and cried from the pain no lube just some water that was in my butt . trying to move away from him but he held on to my waist and didn't let go. Jamie's cock is bigger and thicker than his brother's cock s. Jamie wasn't so ruff with my ass he is slow at first and gets faster and harder and then he slows down. after the pain subsided I began to feel that strange feeling in my tummy but this time its a little more pleasant and I began to moan from the pleaser of Jamie fucking my ass. He reach down and grabbed my boobs ,twisting my nipples, I voiced my moan's, that sent a shouting pain around my body and than my body felt pleasurer. My voiced moans got louder and my breath got shorter with moans as my body began to shake ,I heard Jamie grunting, his fucking got harder my moans got louder my body is shacking more, and than I felt my little cock pissing A sigh of relief for me but Jamie continued to fuck me for A few more minuets, his grunting got louder and I heard hi s sigh of relief. He walked in front of me , grabbed my hair and pulled my head up. how did you like your first orgasm bitch, he asked?. Trying to catch my breath I gave him A little smile. He than placed his cock on my lips and said clean it. he shoved his cum dripping cock in my mouth. and he said lick it bitch use your tongue. As his cock still dripped A little I licked it all up. He shoved the hose in my ass again and cleaned me out.
to be continued
It Finally Happened I meet the perfect man 3
Posted:Aug 28, 2021 4:30 pm
Last Updated:Feb 7, 2022 4:51 am

After another day of sex and the milk maid. Monday I woke before my honey. wearing my long t-shirt nighty and panties I made breakfast for us. Just as he walked in the kitchen. I greeted my honey with a warm smile and voice, Good mooring honey I just made breakfast and coffee. He came, kissed me and replied good morning and He asked how I slept. He was starting his small talk thought breakfast., After breakfast I picked some of the dishes turned the water and went pick the rest but he stopped and said ill pick them . I began washing the dishes. just as I was done he came from behind wrapped one arm around me, grabbing my breasts and the other arm on my crouch. kissing my neck . I bent and spread my legs , as he had now made horny. I can feel his cock growing. I turned to face him and we kissed some more, I lowered his pants and rubbed his cock. I went down on my knees and sucked his cock. Monica walks in, good morning she said . We looked at her, she was smiling. I smiled back and we both said good morning to her. I saw an expression on her face, as if she wanted some. I continued suck his cock until he unloaded his cum in my mouth. I whispered
Honey I thing Monica wanted some, and how do you know he asked. I saw her face kind of sad and anxious suck cock. I think your correct it's been a while since she has had a date with the milk maid, he said. you too have had sex before. I asked. Yes he said about twice a week.

after lunch he lead me to the basement and strip me naked. he gaged my mouth and strapped my hands to the chains hanging from the ceiling and raised me . Monica walked in with the laundry. sorry she said. Monica can you please chain his feet the floor with the spreader bar. sure she said. I was now hanging six inches off the ceiling . I heard the crack of a whip. I now was scared. Mr. f. whipped my ass a few times. and I screamed with pain. my butt stung .I didn't whip you hard. he exclaimed. Monica was watching and smiling as I was getting whipped a few more times and screaming out in pain My butt sung from the whipping Monica please bring the cat tail whip . the cat tail wasn't as bad as the whip but I did say ouch a few times. he walked and grabbed my butt and said it' a little red and rubbed it with a cream.

Mr. F. looks at Monica and smiled its your turn. you haven't visited the milk maid in a while. she smiled tried to say no but he grabbed her by the hand and led her to the milk maid. strip bitch he said with a smile. and she did. he gaged her mouth and spanked her butt A few times. Monica she has a great body for her age . Her boobs are perky but not big most likely a c plus size, her ass is well rounded and a little big for her body and she shaved her pussy clean. he lowered me down untied me and led me to the milk maid. we laid on two identical bench's face down and he strapped us down next one another. My legs spread comfortable wide our heads were locked in place we could barely turn them to look around. He turn on the milking machine and inserted a tube in my butt and squeezed it. I felt a dildo slid in my butt. and I Yelped form the pain as he spanked me hard on both buttchecks I heard some hard spanking and Monica yelped from the pain and moaned, he must have done the same to her. he attached the dildos to the fuck machine and turned it . Monica moaned he then attached the milkers Monica's nipples and clit and than he attached the milkers to my nipples and my little clit. looking at Monica as she moaned her eyes widen. Her moan's were now voiced and got louder and she was squirming like A worm and I also began voicing my moans and squirming just like Monica. Mr. F. sat down on a chair, controlling the fuck machine as he watched us squirm and moan. controlling the speed of the fuck machine , helped control our orgasms making it faster or slower. the intensity would get to strong and have a quicker orgasm .My legs trembled and my body shortly there after followed. My breaths were short with the sounds of moaning and getting louder and so was Monica. At the the moment of orgasm our moan's were loud with different sounds of pleasurable torment and my breathing becomes short with inhales and long moans with exhales. having orgasms after orgasms for 45 minuets or so, drained us out. we couldn't stand on our feet. Monica how many Orgasms did you have Mr. F. asked, about 7 maybe 8. and did you enjoy it he asked. yes replied. Mr. F. asking me the same questions, usual I have about 5 or 6 orgasms but this time I had 7 and I always enjoyed the feeling. nice, he responded with a smile. We dressed and dragged our self's out to the back yard and I lay down on the reclining swing, Monica joined me and we slept for about two hours.

The next three weeks were about the same. Sex3 or 4 times a day. unless Monica was horny and she would get hooked up to the milk maid and the fuck machine. he never fucked us together, at the same time. but he did fuck us in the same room in front of the other

The three weeks were up and my honey asked me to stay one more week but I couldn't. The three weeks I had with Mr. F. were more than satisfying, for A person who hasn't had sex in Years .He asked if I could come back next year .I told him most possible. We all hugged and kissed, said our good by and I left.

A few weeks later now and my mundane life has returned. I miss him. I can still feel his cock penetrating my ass and my mouth tasting his cum. the milk maid sucking on my nipples and my little cock and my cries of pleasurer and of some pain. I can also hear Monica's Moan and cries of Pain and pleasurer .

I hope I can visit him next year. If my health allows me and or him
It Finally Happened I meet the perfect man 2
Posted:Aug 26, 2021 9:50 am
Last Updated:Aug 28, 2021 3:17 pm

I opened my eye and I was covered with a blanket and sat the edge of the bed trying get . my butt was soar as well as my jaw and I had a bad taste in my mouth. I stumbled into the bathroom and sat down the toilet. I began to pee but I was not peeing my butt was. after I peed I took a shower. I wore the clothes Mr. F had placed a long t-shirt dress and panties on the chair for . I slowly walked down and in the kitchen. Mr. f looked at and smiled. Good mooring sweetie are you hungry he asked. Good morning and yes am hungry. I had made eggs but you slept longer than I expected you , Ill make new ones. No that's fine I said. he brought my breakfast and gave a kiss. he sat down across from and asked how I was. Aside from my sore jaw and butt hole and a bit of trouble while am walking am good. Mr. F smiled. am sorry I peed the bed last night. he smiled again with a chuckle, He grabbed my hands, honey that was not pee that was you having an orgasm. what I said. You had your very first orgasm. You were shacking and trembling and moaning like a bitch in heat, you do remember he asked. yes of course I do I was so horny. So did you feel like a woman in heat cause I sure fucked you like a woman in heat and your were moaning squirming and screaming like one and some times that is how a woman reacts. I smiled I guess I did feel like one . Thank you I said. He smiled. more sex like that is come in the next weeks. um I thought we said two weeks. He smiled, you think am going let you off that easy. hell no, for the lovely boobs I gave you. I did not get his joke. I do not have that amount of . he smiled and laughed no no you silly . I do not want your money, your payment is. paying me by you being my slave my slutty slave for the weeks. I smiled, ok I said that is fair enough.

I went out back and laid face down under the vine the lounge swing out towards the ocean I placed my right knee toward my chest. As high as it can go. I was still tiered from last night. (It felt so weird to lay my big boobs I do not know how some woman do that) . Just as I was dosing off Mr. F. laid down next lifted my shirt and rubbed my bottom over my panties,, as well as my thighs and my balls it felt very nice, and relaxing. As he kissed my shoulders he started a small conversation so I won't sleep. eventually I turn over and his still talking, and now his rubbing my breasts and gives A kiss. he takes my hand and places it over his semi hard coc I started twirl my finger around his cock and it is getting harder by the second. I started suck and lick his cock just the way he had showed , I can hear him lightly moan. his cock continued grow in my mouth. stop he ordered come with me, He asked.

He led me to the basement and disrobed me tied me down to a small narrow bench with a head lock he came back placed a bucket under my face a blind fold for my eyes. gaged my mouth. He wacked my butt with a paddle. I jumped and moaned from the pain , the gag muffled my moans I Am going to ask you some questions you shake your head yes or no, and if I think your lying I will spank you more. wacke. you under stand, he said . I shook my head as much as it can move it, yes. But the questions he ask had no sense. He just wanted to paddle my butt until it was pink to some red. after his so called questions, he removed the gag and replaced it with his cock I hear him sigh and my mouth began to fill with a warm liquid. swallow sweetie he ordered. ( first time I ever swallowed pee). good he said, open wide and he sprayed some minty oily spray in my mouth and he shoved his cock in my mouth and be started face me . as his cock grew. relax your throat sweetie and take a deep breath ,he slowly went deeper down my throat until I throw it all . he cleaned out my mouth and sprayed the oil in my mouth and down my throat , this time it worked . my throat felt instantly numb. he slowly entered my mouth, take a deep breath and began sliding his cock down my throat until it was balls deep. he picked the pace. face fucking until he shoot his load allover my face , blind fold and in my mouth. good , he said. As he wacked my butt a few more times Now let me introduce you our mike maid and sergeant drill. He rolled me over another area.

He lubricated my butt hole and I yelped from some pain as he inserted the cock attached the machine, sergeant drill rubbed my nipples with the nipple cream and turned it . He turned the milking machine, the milk maid, and attached the milkers my nipples and one my cock it was intense, I became horny and enjoying it. With in minuets I started moaning and trying close my legs. I couldn't. it was getting intense He shoved his foot in my mouth and told me to lick, suck his toes. I tasted his cum on his toes as it dripped from my face and mas The machines picked there pace and the intensity was over whelming. My moans are becoming voiced and loader. Mr. F said I'll see you in about a hour. enjoy. The machines became even faster. the intensity became more and I began tremble . Just as I shoot out my cum the machines slowed down and I was able catch my breath. As time went by the machines programed in stages. got more intense and the pumping got more aggressive and longer. having intense orgasms one after the other. My moans were voiced load, my body trembling, shacking and sweating like never before. But it felt great. I was literally worn out after the hour. Must of had about four orgasms and the machines finally stopped. The milkers fell to the floor I couldn't take any more of this, and I fell asleep. As Mr. F came walking in , apologizing that he had forgotten about me, He untied me pulled out the dildo in doing so he woke me . I looked at him and smiled in a drowsy sore felling way. just as I tried stand I fell the floor, my legs were weak, But I managed stand and shower. at my nipples they looked bigger and longer than before and felt sore Mr. F. brought my clothes. I got dressed in A mini tube dress, strapless bra and panties and the wig. I slowly climbed the stairs in the kitchen. Eating lunch we had some small talk and he commented how much he liked my nipples bigger.

I went out back and laid face down with my knee strait out. over the ocean it is very relaxing. I began doze off and Mr. F joins . kissing my shoulder massaging my shoulders, back, thighs , inner thighs my butt checks and ran his finger throw my butt crack feeling very relaxed I fell asleep. A few hours later I woken with Mr. F.'s arm over . I turned toward him and I woke him . he pulled closer and kissed . asked how I was?. just as I replied yes . He kissed again. Having placed his arm under my neck I placed my head his shoulder and laid there for awhile. staring into the vines, enjoying the peaceful soundings and the sound of the ocean. He turned to look at as well as I did. Our bodies being very close ,he placed his leg over mine and with his finger lightly circled my nipples and kissed . I can feel his cock getting hard and I knew he wanted a BJ. I kneeled , pulled down his pants, underwear. I laid down in-between his legs and began my duties as his . Just as he had told lick it like a lollipop and suck it. his moans were now heard clearly , and knowing he was enjoying ever minuet of his B.J. I tried deep throating, but got as far as quarters of the way .I continued bobbing my head until he exploded in my mouth and a sound of relief. He is a heavy cummer, lots of cum.

Lets go for a swim he suggested. we striped naked and he asked me wear my swim suit, it lifts your butt A little and it give it a better shape. I smiled and wore my swim suite. the sun was beating down us and the temperature was hot. The pool water was cool and refreshing and about seven feet deep. the moment I the water my very sensitive nipples enlarged again. splashing water each other and swimming around his trying grab , Just having some fun. I got the float but got stuck half way , my ass sticking he quickly pulls my bikini bottom down and spanks A few times, telling me am a naught . I yelp from the pain. he spread my butt checks and licked my butt hole and yummy sounds were said. I finally climbed the float with his help, faced down getting a sun tan. as he swam around he would come and kiss me feet or suck my toes. getting close to dinner time he looked at his watch its five o'clock he walks in to the kitchen and a few minuets later comes back out realizing he didn't prepare anything for dinner. lets go out for dinner am buying he said. but I have no clothes to wear I said. sure you do that nice dress and the booties, put some make and off we go, ok he said we I'll order in. He went back in side He order Japanese and half hour later came out I was still in the pool and night time was just about upon us. the food will be hear in hour, so lets get ready. he liked eat his dinner in a formal like setting. take a shower and dress some what nice for dinner. I stepped out of the pool and he wraps me in a towel. I took the liberty and took out some clothes your you to wear, I also filled the tub for your bath, ok I will.

I go my bedroom and into the bathroom, there the counter was A note, the note read shower first and then lay in the tub with baby oil for A while. I cleaned showered off and I get in a nice big tub for two. I looked in the mirror admiring my big boobs. I jump A few times and watched my boobs jiggle, it turned me and noticed my white ass and boobs from sun tanning . shit my wife is going kill . went in the bed room the bed is a mini dress a wig, panties ,bra . for bed time he place a sexy mini lingerie nighty and the jar of nipple cream. I rubbed the cream my nipples and I did my with the make and wore the cloths he had for and the shoes and walked down into the kitchen. he smiled as he looked at telling how cute I looked in the mini dress lets go have dinner the beach. ok I said but I must change shoes. must you he asked you look so sexy in them with the dress. ok then lets go. he had the food in a picnic basket garbed a bottle of wine, I grabbed the blanket. and looked at the clock the wall its only 6:30.

We sat down on the blanket and Mr. F. opens the picnic basket and pulls out a bottle of Ornellaia 2021 blend red Bordeaux. let it breath. He than places the food the plates and pours the wine. cheers you sweetie may I hope your fantasies with be as real as they can be. cheers you Mr. F. thank you for this wonderful time were spending together. please don't call me that, and what shall I you.? how about daddy, honey , honey because your my boy friend. He smiled and said ok. cheers to you honey I said. we clinked our wine glasses and I sniffed and rolled it around in my mouth and swallowed. shit it tastes like garlic . yea I forgot after co-vid just about everything tastes like garlic. what a waste of good wine. I tried it again and the taste of the wine was much better. the more I tasted the better the wine tasted. After dinner we lay the blanket snuggled and talked and sipped the wine. we watched the stars. it was a clear and cool night the temperature had. dropped. Once the wine finished. I had become somewhat feeling happy. My honey turned me and began kiss my lips and circling my nipples with his finger, the nipple cream was in full effect I put my arms round him and held him. His tongue enters my mouth He places his hand on my crouch under my panties. I spread my legs as he rubbed my clit and making me horny. He rolled me on my side , his hand reached my butt and grabbed it spanked it A few times I jerked forward and moaned. He lowered my panties and running his finger and down my butt crack he stuck his finger in my hole and twirled it around also made moan. he unhooked my bra and lowered my dress. playing with my boobs got him horny.

I stood and removed my clothes. I pulled his shorts and underwear down and started suck his cock and balls. his cock was hard rock and told get fours spread my legs. He kneeled behind reached forward and I felt his cock my butthole. he played with my nipples and slowly shoved it in balls deep. I yelped loudly from the pain. straiten your knees he asked. he reach around and grabbed my breasts and clit making week at the knees. I began moaning as he started rocking his hips back and fourth. I fell my hands and then my elbows as he is fucked my ass. faster and harder. Feeling my boobs rocking back and fourth drove wild. I voiced my moans and grunts loudly. Ride bitch he ordered as he lay the sand. I climbed top of him. slid his cock balls deep and started. Looking at my boobs and feeling them bouncing and down. He grabbed my boobs and squeezed them. twisted my nipples . My voiced moans and grunts were loud again. My body began tremble and shack. He rolled my back grabbed my ankles and spread wide lifting my butt off the ground. He shoved his cock back in my ass and counited fucking . In no time I started shack and tremble and voicing my moans and grunts .As well as Mr. F 's grunts were getting louder. I was having another orgasm, I shoot my load, but he continued for a few more minuets and then he shoot his load in my ass. we laid naked on the sand for a while and finished off the wine.

We packed everything back in the basket and stumble our feet and stumbled back the house. I removed the booties I wore and showered each other off. wrapped in towels we we walked to our bedrooms. I showered and looked at the clock its only 10:30. I rubbed more nipple cream on my nipples. I wore the Sexy Mesh Lace cup less Mini Nightdress Baby doll Chemise he had placed on the bed. I pulled my boobs threw the rings , The rings are a little tight around my boobs but made them look bigger ,lifted them placed them closer together so I have better cleavage and perkier. Threw the cape over my shoulders and wore my slippers. I knocked On my honey's bedroom door. enter he said I walked in as sexy as I could. laying on his bed. I saw the biggest smile on his face. Double fun night.

be continued
and now for some flying in 2020
It Finally Happened I meet the perfect man
Posted:Aug 22, 2021 8:17 pm
Last Updated:Sep 10, 2021 5:40 pm

Mr. F knew what I wanted and he was willing help me in my goals of and feeling like a girl, but in an unorthodox way. fat transfer breast augmentation
A small price to for an encounter, but I was not mad I was happy he did
True story , that is why I had to write it in my blog
For Three weeks I had the perfect man, for me he was perfect. That's how I felt about him. I always wanted to feel like a woman when am having sex with another man but deep inside I new I would never feel like a girl. He taught me how to be his slutty woman. In a small way I did feel like a girl, and it felt great.

Mr. F and I began talking about five weeks ago on this site, be for we met ( he asked not to mention his profile or , after I told him I was going to write about our encounter in my blog.) What attracted me to him was he never talked about sex or ask for a pic. until the week he asked me to met him. With out any hesitation I said sure. we traded locations and we were three hours apart he is somewhere. out east in long island I was not about to drive three hours and have him say oh am not interested, or just for a quick bj, or a quick and go. I told Mr. F am sorry no. your to far. that's when he offered me to spend a few days with him, week or two. I accepted his offer for two weeks. my question then to him was why. he told me he looked at my pics and carefully read my profile and liked what he saw, and that I really turned him on and that I never asked him about any activity's He sent me a clothed full body pic of him self and I thought his not bad for a 68 year old and a small belly ,He also included his home phone # and address and asked me to him . ok I thought this has be a joke.

we spoke for about an hour on face time and he asked me for my measurements because he wanted buy me a few thing and girly cloth for my short stay. I started give him my measurements and he stopped me and asked me if I had a cloth measuring tape so i can be a bit more precise with the measurements. after I bought one I called him on face book and this time I turned on my camera and stood naked in front of him. He looked very happy that I did this. he seen my naked pics and my made-up face so I let him see the real me. he guided me for my measurements and shoe size.

About a week later I get an email From Mr. F asking me if I was ready come over and spend two weeks with him. In a way I was scared, but anxious go. I replied yes am, when I asked. his reply was tomorrow. I greed, asked what time should I be . he sent me his address and told me come as early as you can. Take a shower and come. Do not do anything else to your self . I googled his address and zoomed down, all I saw was mansion's around his not so little house with a pool. Ok this guy must be for real or am hopping, and not drive for no reason. That night I was so anxious, I did not sleep. everything was running through my mind from bad good.

I woke up early, about six. I ate and showered and by seven fifteen I headed out east . I drove for three hours, the closer I got the more anxious I got, but I did not turn bac Finally i arrived and rang the door bell and a woman answers the door. I introduced my self , she smiled and led me in side wear Mr. F was. He introduced his maid, Monica, she smiled and shook my hand and left us alone. He offered me a coffee and we sat and talked . I quickly looked at Mr. F he is tall 6'3" with a little pot belly but overall he is pleasant at and skin is not wrinkled so much and he looks be in good shape for his age. I told him what a nice house he had even though I did not see the rest of , and out of nowhere he told me that he used to be a cosmetic surgeon, oh interesting , I said. he also told me if I ever wanted real breast he can have them done for half the coast. i hesitated and said would be great but I do not think my wife would like that. we both laughed. we you know they do not have to be permanent. oh that would be great. i said with a smile. Mr. F asked you would like that. yes I said, so would I he said. About twenty minuets later I was getting sleepy. I could not keep my eyes open, remembering that the past night I did not sleep well. Mr. F said come and you came sleep down here, while Monica finishes your room. he led me to the dark basement and placed me on the couch and lights out.

Mr. F woke me up. by rubbing his finger on my face. hey sleepy head he said with a smile ,how did you sleep he asked me . I smiled and said I slept well. good. you did want boobs. well I have a surprise for you. he exclaimed, at your beautiful B plus size breasts with nice cleavage. What, as I looked. do not worry I will remove them before you go. I hop your not mad, I do like my girl with some boobs on them. and he placed a mouth gag in my mouth. raised my legs exposing my butt and walked over the wall got a paddle walked back and wacked my butt a few times. not hard but I felt the sting. Mr. F rubbing my butt , ask me if I was ready submit him as a girl and I said yes. he wacked my butt. you will wear girl cloth and you do what I say under stood Mr. F said, yes I replied. he smiled wacked my butt a few more times, my stomach was ready to explode. he untied me and had me lay on another table , this is my enema table. just as he placed my legs on the stirrups I exploded. he cleaned me out until the water came out clean. he gave me a shower and then a oil bath. laying in the bath I looked at and felt and squeezed my new boobs , nice I thought my self. he had some cloth out for me wear. a pair of panties a bra fit m7y boobs perfect a pair of short overalls, a pink t-shirt and a pair of ankle high booties, a shoulder length wig and lipstick I looked around the room and he had a few interesting devices and he also had a cow milking machine chains hang from the ceiling some paddles and whips on the wall a bench , a table and a bed. net the enema table was a toilet, shower and a bath tube. come sweetie said Mr. F time for lunch. he grabbed my hand and led me to the kitchen and out the back door. Monica finished placing lunch on the table under the vines and plenty of shade and turned and looked at us, especially me and smiled. she knew what was going on and she did not mind. you look very nice in that outfit she said to me.

After lunch is always down time .Mr. F went at sat down on a swing lounge chair for two and motioned me to join him. as I climbed un the chair he grabbed me and kissed me and told me ho much I turned him on. Monica had brought out coffee and sat on a similar lounge chair across from us. she saw kiss but on bother to her. lying their and thinking, what have I gotten myself into, what is he up to. am I going to get the crap whipped out me. when is he going to begin to me. I wanted ask Mr. F but I did not get the nerve .
He placed his arm around me and pulled me toward him and I responded with a kiss. Monica saw it and smiled. placing my head on his shoulder I fell asleep.
when I woke up he asked me to join them in the pool but do to medical issues on my feet I had to reject . until I noticed the two piece swim suite he had in his hands for me. I had to try it on . I also noticed his crotch and it looked like he had a softball with a mini bat in his swim suite. Monica also had a great body for her age. Mr. f. and I were enjoying the pool and Monica is preparing dinner
he did grab my ass and kissed me a few times. as dinner was done we all showered and I was exploring my big bounce and perky new breasts playing with them. how sensitive they are, I was getting turned on. Monica After the shower in my bath rob Monica entered my room smiling and holding a short white low cut back and front spaghetti strap dress with matching panties and bra. she said, you being Mr. F's virgin tonight Mr. F requested you to wear this and for me to help fix your face up and your nails. ok I replied, but am not a virgin. oh sweetie we know but tonight your dreams will become a realty she painted my nails and thinned out and shaped my eye brows as best as she can and put some make-up on me and tried to get me to look as much as a girl I can. she gave me a kiss wished me all the best of fun tonight. you know all about this I asked her . and she smiled as she shock hear head yes. (well she ant no miracle worker because I'll never look like a girl)
though she did ok THANK YOU MONICA .

After dinner Monica left in a hurry. I offered to do the dishes. Mr. F had gone up stairs to retrieve a jar of nipple cream. he walked in to the kitchen and asked me to put some on my nipples. I walked out side after I had finished the dishes and though it was a fairly warm night with a lite breeze. As the wind hit my nipples I gasped and moaned and my nipples were instantly erected and very sensitive. I sat next to Mr. F and he placed his arm around me and brought me closer to him. Star gazing and just as he began to strike up a conversation a shooting star. lookup, make a wish he said. he took a deep breath and said I now what you wished for sweetie. I promise you these three weeks you will feel , moan and be the girl you want to be. Mr. F. began to slowly and passionately kiss me and that moment he lightly rubbed my breasts. I gasped and softly moaned. I felt balls and cock tingling and I felt them shrinking, going in side of me . I had begone to melt in his arms. I realized that Mr. F. loved lots of fore play and foundling every inch of my body, my moans are now getting little more louder and my breathing a bit more heavier. spots on my body that were never touched are now being touch making me quiver Mr. F. removed my clothes and left me with my panties. His soft touch throughout my hairless body and softly rubbing my nipples, I With out realizing I shoot in my panties. Mr. F. touched my penis and got surprised, and said did some have an accident or is someone very horny. He gabbed my hand and led me to my
He had me faced lay down in the center of the bed and pulled off my panties, and he came on top of me. Feeling his naked body on mine felt wonderful. Softly kissing every inch of my body I began to squirm like a worm as if I was trying to get away. kissing spots on my body that I never new excited me. He continued down to my feet, but with a stop along the way felling his tongue in-between my butt checks, he raised my butt and began his touring of my butt hole , in and out and all around his tongue went and down to my little balls. Mr. F continued down to my feet sucking my toes one by one. turning me over he began again from were he left off and continued upwards with another stop at my little clit licking and sucking it for a while I began to moan and with every lick on my head and a finger in my butt rubbing my prostate. I was moaning and squirm, I can feel my body had begone to tremble a little. but I did not cum. he reached my nipples and softly kissed , sucked and pulled on them too with his teeth, as he began to kiss my neck he really drove me wild I never knew I was so sensitive their. he placed him self directly on top me and slid his tongue in my mouth. I can feel his rock hard cock in-between my legs. after a while of kissing and foundling, kind of keeping me on edge he climbed on top of me and paced his cock on my lips. open wide sweetie he said and shoved it in my mouth. since the room is barely lit, I could not see his cock I can feel with my mouth. a nice thick cock and his head just a little thicker. slowly he began face me, and had me licking and sucking his huge balls. almost a mouth full. My jaw had begone get sore from the face fucking . As he began grunt he finally shoot some cum in my mouth. that was my second time I had ever swallowed another mans cum. Mr. F hard on was still on and he climbed off of me kissed me and said good girl. he placed him self in between my legs and lifted them up until my but was high off the bed. I closed my eyes and he licked my butt and slid his tongue in a few time. he push my knees to my chest and his cock on my butt hole and slowly but forcefully slid wright in, I did screech and yelp from some pain but did not stop him, until he was in balls deep and leaving his cock in place. Placing some of his weight on my legs he grabbed my hands and placed them on the side my head and began playing with my nipples. that helped loosen up my hole a little.

Mr. F began moving his hips slowly back and forth rubbing and squeezing my nipples. every move he made his cock rubbing on my g-spot had made my
inhales of breaths long and my exhales of breath slow with soft moans. very slowly building up my soon to have an organism. feeling my boobs rocking back and forth made me even more excited. Eventually Mr. F picked up the pace, I let out a louder short moan and I clinched my fists. as he held his pace. My breaths were getting longer and my moans were getting louder. As his speed grew quicker, my breaths became shorter with louder moans. As he held that pace my head began going from side to side and he stopped. I was breathing heavy as he was as well. He lays down next to. Suck my cock and than ride me he ordered. so I did as he asked . lick it first like a lollipop he said and then suck it. I did. I could taste his cum oozing out. He grabbed me on pulled me over him and he said kiss me, I did . he placed his cock on my butt hole and told me to straighten up. he then placed his hands on my hips and pushed me down on his coc I let out a moan of pain. He cupped my new formed breasts, dance slowly honey he ordered. I began moving my hip slowly up and down on his cock, while he played with my breasts. oh that felt so good. I started feeling like a girl in heat. Faster he ordered as he let my boobs go. Felling my boobs bouncing up and down and my breaths with moans are getting louder. I now really felt like a girl and getting even more turned on. Stop he said and lie on your back, but first suck my coc His cock covered in cum was now in my mouth, bobbing up and down on it. ok lay on your bac he grabbed my legs held them up and spread them wide and shoved his cock in my butt hole, I let out a loud moan and he started to me. slow and hard. my breaths quickly grew short with moans. He picked up his pace fast and hard. My moans are now even louder, longer and my breaths were longer. finally, he slowed down for a quick breath. He leaned forward and grabbed my boobs. But that just made my breaths and moans even longer. my body began quiver and he picked up his pace a little. slowly he he fucked even faster and harder. as my moans were getting louder. my breaths were getting shorter and I was holding on the sheets for dear life. His speed was now paced perfectly. My body had begone tremble, my breaths were now short and quick and my moans were long and loud and shortly after my moans were now turned in began voice and I felt my self pee on me and Mr. F was grunting loudly and then sighted with relief. he let my legs go as I was gasping for air. My butt was sore and my body still trembling. Mr. F laid down next me. I rolled on my side at him and gave him a warm small smile. as he smiled back I closed my eyes and the next thing I know is late morning.

be continued
and now for some flying in 2020
any older 60+ men by my area wana have fun
Posted:Jun 15, 2021 6:12 pm
Last Updated:Aug 23, 2021 6:42 am

any older top dominate or top 60+ who is local in my area. I can't read or send not sure about IM. i can host
Are people that illiterate or just plain stupid ??????????
Posted:Jun 10, 2021 11:25 am
Last Updated:Sep 6, 2021 5:51 pm

no wonder why people don't hook -up they don't know, if their gay, bi , or straight. you continue looking at my profile and it clearly states I am a bottom and only interested in men 60 and over and I am a male,( a dick with a chick, I am not yet a chick with a dick) but you continue looking at my profile but, but your profile says interested in woman.
it makes me wonder and i ask my self or tell my self your not man enough to admit to your self your gay or bi. so ask your self what am I and correct your profile. dumb -ass.
need my holes filled by an older top dom male 60+
Posted:Dec 17, 2019 9:04 am
Last Updated:May 4, 2022 11:32 am

need holes filled by an older top dom 60+ only local in area

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