Killing the Goose that laid---ah hell you know how it go's.  

timexxx691b 52M
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9/23/2019 2:23 pm
Killing the Goose that laid---ah hell you know how it go's.

I recently managed to attract the attention of an unusually attractive couple from Worthington Mn. How i managed to do it i'll never know. I think we can all agree that it's always nice to be noticed, right? So here i am walking around on cloud nine because these wonderful people took time away from the avalanche of requests & replies to message me not once,not twice,but three times! Right about now ya must be think'n "WOW" this sounds like a dream (A<b> wet dream </font></b>at that-lol) true! Wrong! At this point the powers that be decided that because i'm merely a "Standard-Member"I don't deserve to be recognized period.That's perfectly fine with me.Despite their bull shit about wanting to promote this LS in a safe secure & helpful enviorment we all know it's about the .I don't expect something for nothing.Never have never will. It's not even missing out on the opportunity of a life time with this couple from Worthington Mn. Nope,what's got me pissed off is the sneaking under handed way these sites operate.You gold & VIP members to send these messages.But they can rarely be read except other gold & VIP members! Is that what ya for? The same bull shit applies to the IM.Oh you can send them all right.And standard members can even read them.But we can't respond to them.So what's the point of sending them to begin with? Remember now,your for these services.Your to access these low life standard members! I know most of ya out there see me as just another cheap looking for a free ride.Such is not the case,but your certainly entitled to your opinion.All i can say is the next time ya fail to hear back from someone ya really wanna meet,it may not be because of a lack of interest at all.

funtimecm898 55M/54F  
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9/25/2019 6:19 am

This is a nice guy we try to talk to all it is just being polite yes we understand most donot give a care we are diferent lets all at least can say Hi

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