Myself, so very bare and in your lap ... whisper # 14  

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6/14/2021 3:45 pm
Myself, so very bare and in your lap ... whisper # 14

Yes, the "Kissing & Telling" aspect, which, in a way, I am about to commit with part # of "Prologue ..... "; but, that is part of, a major part of all of this. So, I feel a need to briefly reaffirm what this all is about; one of the promises I made when beginning my blog, for better or worse. From journals, diaries, and my memories, through and documentation, I want to know the end product, my "self" better than I did.

Rather than just do this privately, I choose my blog because what I document for my thoughts, etc. are then public ... for all to see and for me, that helps me in two ways; control embellishment and diminish apologizing or justify. I am not looking for applause or frankly social judgment at all. And I have had to remind myself of that several times. I just have to remember that there are always those who will disagree or despise no matter what. In a way I tried to say this in "whisper # " also, I don't know if it was clear.

And for , I think it is working ... "letting my hair down", so to speak and confronting some documented thoughts and behavior in the past has so far made some patterns appear, and some answers. To be honest, in some very apparent ways, with, at least more understanding, I am both, better and worse in some ways. But I think I am learning to really like myself and finding ways to either<b> forgive </font></b>or understand and live with some of my faults and failings.

So, specific to "kissing and telling" ... well it is, or has been, and will be that. But I have to be fair to myself here ... I have to tattle or reveal that which is personal to me if I am to be able to understand or even consider the motives and consequences. That's essentially all of it, and again, for better or worse.
... xox Kaycee.

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