bit.h a bottom story  

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10/16/2021 7:05 pm
bit.h a bottom story

I am strickly a bottom . always and will aiways be.Just I'am.And will be a bottom for the end of time.
I am going with this guy. He large and agressive very type A personality.Very much in .I don't wear anything or do unless told.And I mean nothing...And he spank's me. He ties me to a X cross and whip's me until he feel's better.And after he is done he fucks me real hard and pump's full of .I am suppost to like and be happy with a pussy full of his ! I sit still and let it drain of .
And when i come hewill tell dress or make weae nothing and I mean nothing. with the window's open or if anyone come's over and dripping . is so much of i can't keep in.The best is when I get along with him.I just shoot and shoot large amounts with him.
I once just sucking him off. everywhere all over and all over.He made wear it all night. Be cause he thought it was funny covered in .
The next . I washed up and shaved from top to bottom completly smooth no hair any where just on my head.
I come and he say's "come with me! wait a minute I want a blow job first get on youre knee's and take care of I suck him off and swallow it all.
He say's " I changed my mind go and put on some pantie's."I go to put on some pantie's . I grab a pair of see thru one's yellow in color I put them on and come .
He say's "good you will need those before the night's over with"
We go to thev car and get in he slap"s my ass and goes it feel's good ready to "I don't say anything just get in with my ass cheecky stinging. I sit down and he say's "get in the back and straddle the cwnter console" I get in the back and put my leg's in between the seat's and now up on my leg's with just a pair of pantie's on. He pull's the pantie's a side and stick's two fingers in . He say's " well I was going make you suck on my finger's but you are lose enough." And he stuff's both finger's all the way in.He strap's a large dildo on the shifter and shoves all the way in . I make a sound and he say's big isn't bigger than even "
And with that he start's the car and he take's off shifting gear's and driving along. We are cruising
along and it is starting feel good is deep and vibrating all at the time make's me cum a whole lot J must of a gallon "say's must been real good' He put's in gear and we get moving down the road.
I must of cum a gallon on my leg's all over the center of the tunnel. Ha sat's climb up front with him and sit down now I'm completly naked he doesn't even give my pantie's back.
I say "can I atleast the pantie's back'
He say's "NO I might want latter" I just sit and say nothing is norhing I can do anyway.And I mean anyway .He got upset with me once and took all my clothes away nothing for a whole month. I couldn.t go anywhere. I had to go everywhere he went. I was nude no matter what to hi friend's anyplace he wanted to go.I had to go another week because I stayed behind him to hide and he was mad because I did not show my self fast enough. So from here on in I just do what he say's and just do it no matter what.
So no matter what I do it.I mean if say's open the door with nothing on and cum dripping out of me I do it.That was when I started to go around naked when he wanted me too.And at the oddest time's he would me undress for him. T thibk he like's .And god help me he love's make me or him put thing's up into me. A dildo or a large ball or a odd shaped but plug.No matter what is. will be large.
HJe will make me wear a large butt plug'. Because he like's the way make me swing my butt from side side. And now when He does let me get dressed is just a shirt over my underwear.
But mostly L'm naked most of the time. As he like's me .
So he pull's over the car and tell's me get out and lean over the<b> hood. </font></b>He un zipps his pant's and 's enter's me. so while he 's me . So I'm his bitch !
And he cum's in me a large amount he pull's out me and his cum run's out it must have been a gallon. It just run's and run's out of my pussy . was so much I had squat let run out of me..
I should describe my self. I have a 40 inch chest and size D tit's 34 inch waist and 42 inch hipp's. Also a 5 inch penis small I know but you can't have everything.
My boyfriend Is good sized and has a 9 inch dick. A very nice size it really fill's me up.
He cum's alot . A hugh amount if I don't empty out every day there is no room for all of his cum.

>>!....have a great night

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