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Chapter One

He was about to begin his first semester the university.
He had not seen her since he was I freshman in .
He was completely smitten by her even then.
The anticipation he felt heightened all of his senses. Remembering himself as a lanky youth, that awkward stage where everything is in a state of growth but almost in some sort of chaotic frenzy.
A body developing its strength, emotions finding their roots within it. A mind seeking to explore them both.

That period where innocence, still in some sort of protective psychic womb will soon be born into a harsher world, filled with experiences, choices, and moments of danger but also intense pleasure.
We all have moments that become etched into us so deeply that we will carry them with us our entire lives and some how define why we become who we are. Or is it that we are simply being lead down a road of discovery which unveils the purpose of our lives in the here and now.
The awakening of self identity is most keenly felt through our sexuality. Curiosity is replaced by desire. Learning that passion is a fire that will either be fueled through acceptance and discovery or smothered by fear, guilt and shame.

When he arrived things looked in many ways as he remembered them. In some ways the same, yet different as well. It is a sort of trick time plays on us as we get older. Your feelings reach out but the memories are farther away.
He spent the first settling in and lost himself in those memories by returning to them.
The swim in the lake, the hike to the top of the place where the view opened up to all the beauty surrounding him.
Later that afternoon before dinner he decided to bath in the lake after working up a sweat in the heat of the days hike.
He removed his clothing and stood at the edge of the water and let the nostalgia of that moment surround him.
He suddenly had the most disconcerting feeling someone was watching him. He looked around at the woods but could not see anyone.
His body had become that of a man, well toned<b> muscles </font></b>developed by his love of sports of all kinds
He was well endowed and had absolutely everything necessary to please a women sexually but he had no experience with them.
In he was painfully shy and though the girls often approached him or flirted with him, he just felt awkward and tong tied in their presence.
Accept for her. She was older, mature, beautiful, playful and spirited.
Though that distance was not as great as he believed it was, it provided a sort of comfort to him because he did not feel the need to impress her. She made him feel something he could never fully describe.
After bathing in the water he stretched on the grass in the setting sunlight. He closed his eyes and listened to the symphony of nature all around him and the myriad of birds and insects all playing their part in the chorus.
He heard something like the soft footfall of an animal behind him. And when he sat up he thought he caught the glimpse of something or someone in the distance.
He put on his clothes and headed back to the cabin.
When he arrived, he was greeted enthusiastically by those gathered there.
Thats when she approached him and pressed her body against him giving him the gentlest of kisses on the cheek which lasted just a longer that expected, and so adding more meaning to what it represented.
They all ate and talked and the hour grew late.
Everyone went off in different directions,.
Some went outside perhaps to take in some of the crisp evening air or the endless sea of stars above the lake.
Others perhaps to read a .
He was tired from a long of reminiscing and retracing some old steps that were made by feet.

He undressed and put on some loose fitting pajama bottoms and lay in bed. It was a summer night so the window was open.
The sweet smells mingled together as they drifted into the room on a gentle breeze.
It was a familiar room to him but it wasn’t home.

He didn’t mind, he liked feeling a of place. it always added to his sense of adventure.

He was letting the thoughts of the meander through his groggy mind. The kind of thoughts that easily transition from the waking world to the one where fantasy is reality.

For obvious reasons he couldn’t stop thinking about her.
Her long auburn hair, green eyes and the fullness of her mouth which made him feel a sensation in his lower extremity whenever he watched her speaking.
She had a very gentle smile and her laugh was still childlike but not childish.
She caught him at her breasts behind the open top of her loose fitting linen shirt which exposed their size and softness every time she moved beneath it.
He felt the strong heat of his blushing when she glanced him and the discomfort it created, as a result of the feeling he had, that somehow, seeing them was wrong.

She however, did not make him feel that way, she almost guided his eyes to again and then reached over the table to pick up her water glass which created an even better vantage point for him to explore their firm and blossoming shape which women often posses.

He felt his penis grow inside his pajama bottoms.

He had taken to not wearing the top as it felt too confining.

His upper body was was muscular and strong He had an athletes physique like a strong and powerful animal.

He did not have any real hair on his chest and his pubic hair was very sparse and soft just as it was his arms and on his legs.
The hair on his head was a slightly deeper shade of a similar dirty blonde color which seemed to change hues throughout all the curls. It was not cut too short and so covered his ears and the back of his nec

His restlessness subsided and he floated down stream into the valley of dreams, his youth full days and the challenges ahead.

Chapter Two

He couldn’t say when exactly it was. The room was almost pitch black except for the faintest of moonlight behind the sheer curtain.

For some time he wasn’t sure if he was awake or still dreaming.

He wasn’t startled by what came next because of the way it happened.

The first thing he felt was a soft hand caressing his very gently.
 He smelled a fragrance of some sort of flower.

The hand ever so lightly touched his lips in a motion as if to say, “Do not spea”
 For a few moments after that, there was nothing and he began thinking it was all his imagination, but he continued to lay still and he could perceive a silhouette of a woman’s body, which wasn’t naked but seemed have the sheerest of covering over so he could perceive shapes behind .
Then the shape knelt down by the bedside and he saw that was a flowing head of hair. 
A hand reached and slowly began to remove the bed sheet from his chest and pulled it down just his abdomen. Stopping there, the hand glided over his chest slowly, pausing slightly to press his nipples between fingers. Repeating this motion several times. 
Once again there came a pause and no movement just the sound of breathing which was full and rhythmic and possessed the lilt of femininity within it.

Then the hand once again reached and began removing the bed sheet from his body a further. This time just to his upper thigh.
 He had not noticed until that moment how large his penis had become until she touched his pajama bottoms.

He felt a hand slowly explore its shape for a moment and then recede.
Then he felt two hands untie the strap at the top of his pajamas carefully loosening it to expand the opening.

The breathing became a deeper and a more intense.

He realized his own breathing was almost imperceptible as he thought that if he did, the moment might vanish back into a dream.

He felt his pajama bottoms being carefully pulled down as far as just his thighs.
He could feel the cool air on his penis.
 There was once again a pause. His anticipation of what might happen next made his heart almost leave his chest, it was pounding so hard which was probably also making him harder and harder, if that were even possible.

Suddenly he felt the air of breath as a mouth open over his penis. Lips closed very gently over it and he heard a soft moan and felt its vibration around it.

He felt the slight movement of long hair upon his abdomen and thighs as the lips and mouth slowly moved up and down.
 The sound of soft moaning and wetness followed the rhythmic movements.

He felt an intense and unstoppable energy rush to his head and he let out a new sound he had never made before from the pleasure of uncontrollable release, as he discharged his life force into that accepting oblivion that drew it from him.

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