Happy Anniversary  

tulsaliza 63F  
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9/14/2021 7:51 am
Happy Anniversary

Today would have been our 5 year wedding anniversary. I was with my husband for a total of 19 years, 2 of those years actually married.

September is always a difficult month for me with my seasonal depression that I've suffered with all my life. 20 years ago there was the horrific happenings of 9/, and now coupled with the memory of my wedding anniversary and tomorrow was my husband's birthday. Besides marking the end of summer, September just has had that bittersweet depressing feel to it.

For some reason I find myself missing the old hubby more this September. The 9/ memorials over the weekend put me in a delicate emotional state and then the fond memories of the old man and our time together...I've been a mess to say the least!!

Work has been grueling because of some computer/phone glitches and that's added to the heightened frustration and depression that I find myself in.

A bright spot to the craziness of yesterday and Monday was the fact that my rheumatologist insisted that I go ahead and get the COVID vaccine booster shot. Well that was an extra hour at the doctor's office while I got my shot and had to wait the obligatory minutes to see if I had a reaction to the shot and then finally back home and back to wor

Well, an announcement email came out that those taking a COVIID booster shot entitled me to take an hour of approved leave for the shot, then up to 2 days of sick leave, approved and not counting against my personal sick leave, which I decided this morning, why not? My arm is sore and my legs feel like I'm wearing shoes made out of cement, so, I took the day off to celebrate what would have been our 5 year wedding anniversary and anticipate tomorrow's birthday celebration of what would have been my husband's 79th birthday.

Another high point of yesterday was my pussy waxing appointment. I got the pussy all smooth and slick, love the pain of that hot wax being spread all over my pussy area, lips, and then up my ass crack!! All nice and smooth and no one to feast upon it. Such is life!!!

Happy th of September 2021 to me!!!

Pleasure's a sin, and sometimes sin's a pleasure...
- Lord Byron, Don Juan

coachwhip09 66M  
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9/16/2021 11:02 am

Dear lady,
Oh to be able to feast on that smooth pussy, it would be so wonderful. I do hope you have a good day and weekend. You are always in my thoughts. I do wish you the best always.

CleavageFan4U 64M  
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9/21/2021 7:32 am

I gave a lady a waxing appointment as a gift one Christmas. TWO DAYS later, when she recovered, it was still deliciously smooth.

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