When tested for STDs, should you get tested for all of them?  

umberto724 68M
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8/25/2021 10:47 am
When tested for STDs, should you get tested for all of them?

Since joining this site last month, I've seen "STD-free, tested regularly" and "DDF free, tested regularly" on the Profiles of many beautiful and interesting women. Sounds good, but are they tested for all STDs? This led me to unearth some fast facts:

- Each STD test checks for one type of STD only. There are clinics and home test kits that check for multiple STD types (including HIV), but do they test for every major STD?

Women are more likely than men to not know they have STDs, because many STDs have no noticeable symptoms for women:

- Women are less likely to have symptoms of STDs such as chlamydia & gonorrhea
- For women, some STDs have symptoms that can appear normal or be confused with something else such as a yeast infection.
- Women cannot see symptoms as easily as men:
- Genital ulcers (from herpes or syphilis) can occur in the vagina and be hard to see, whereas it takes a real dick to not notice them on a penis.
- HPV (venereal warts) also occur on the penis, but women need a pap smear to find them. Everyone should get the vaccine that prevents HPV. But if you've already had HPV & you're a woman, consider getting tested when you visit your OB/GYN.
- Older woman are most likely to catch trichomoniasis and least likely to know it.

So if you get a test for any STDs, wouldn't it be best to have a checklist to make sure you're tested for all of them?

Also, men need to be tested after unprotected sex (and even protected sex if your concerned about Herpes). Furthermore, men need to be responsible; spreading a disease to your partner is a terrible thing.

Finally, in researching this, I learned that many older people are hooking up without practicing safe sex. Why? Do they think practicing safe sex is only for young people (again, especially women because STDs can affect their future reproductive plans), but c'mon, a geezer knowingly putting his or her precious last years of good health at risk? Not me, so I'm practicing safe sex.

Writing this as a lay person who updated his STD knowledge for the first time in 45 years, your comments & suggestions are welcome.

peninsula_ 51M
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8/25/2021 5:22 pm

The Health Department is good at what should be tested along with related services.

"Free testing and treatment is provided for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis and HIV." This quote would suggest to me that these are their targets, but they probably do them all.

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