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Seduced by a CD
Posted:Nov 8, 2021 8:10 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2022 10:2 pm

I trying to find a women to be a secret partner/playmate. I'm married and growing tired of my wife's low energy in regards to sensuality and sex. Never thought about a trans woman or CD but found a person online who interested in hanging out with no expectations. This person informed me she an "almost" passible CD in her mid 30's. I said "fuck it" let do this.

She wanted to meet at AF canyon so that is what we did. She pulled up in this big pickup truck while I in a mini van. She hopped into my van an off we went into AF canyon.

She looked nice. She wearing tight yoga pants and a button up sweater. Her face masculine but that didn't bother me. She wore light makeup and I attracted to her almost immediately.

She very nervous. As we were driving she reached over to hold my hand and we had a great conversation about how hard it is to meet like minded people and the importance of discretion. She continued to rub and hold my hand and I began to get aroused.

We decided it to cold to hike or even walk around so we found a place to park inside the canyon. She leaned over an kissed me. We made out for quite a while. It very intense and in no time I hard as a roc We were in rhythm and it felt incredible. I don't know what I expecting but making out with her well worth the trip.

Our spot started to get a busy so we pulled out to drive to another less populated area. As we were driving she said she wanted to see what I had. She reached down between my legs pulled out my coc I'm fairly well endowed and she liked that. She stroked my hard cock for a minute or two then went down on me. I almost exploded but managed to hold it in. I very cautiously found a new spot to pull into.

We began to make out again when she asked if we could sit in the back of the van. I nervous to do so because we weren't far off the road, but she had me at this point so I complied. In the back of the van we continued to make out. She straddled me and we kissed deeply. I ran my hands up and down her back and could feel her hard cock pressing against me torso. We gently kissed at each others neck and made out for a bit longer when she said she wanted to ride me.

I scared to death considering that there traffic close by but she wasn't taking no for an answer. She sucked my cock some more than slid a condom on it.

She came prepared but it still took a minute to penetrate her as I'm pretty thic She kissing me aggressively and moaning as my cock slid into her tight asshole.

We stared in each others eyes as she road me. Her plumb cock dripped pre-cum as she road me. I reached out and stroked her as she road me and we made out again. It so fucking intense. She exploded all over herself.

At this point I very nervous. It stuffy in the van and cars were driving by. I wanted to fuck her proper but that wasn't going to happen in this situation. We talked about it and she agreed it was risky to continue and hopped off of my coc

She then cleaned me up and went down on me. She worked my cock for a couple of minutes and I ready to explode. I told her I about to cum and she didn't stop. I unloaded a massive load and she took it all. Swallowed every bit.

After we straightened ourselves up we made out some more and I took her back to her truc

That's it. That's the first and only time I've had relations with someone who has a coc It a deeply intense, sensual experience.
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