Kathy and Jess  

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4/3/2021 3:49 pm
Kathy and Jess

My girlfriend Kathy came home just after 9 o'clock and she had a friend with her. Her friend had short straight blond hair just past her ears. She was very cute with very white skin, a tiny little nose covered with sparse freckles and shiny silver braces on her teeth. She was wearing a skimpy little red tank top style shirt and I could see her bra straps and her tight white belly showed between the bottom of her shirt and the top of her tiny little jean shorts that barely covered her crotch. She was about Kathy's height 5'8" and her long white somewhat tanned legs seemed to go on forever from the bottom of her jean shorts to her little white anklet socks and tennis shoes. "This is Jessica," Kathy said "She works with me and we started talking about pornography at work today and decided to rent a porno movie to watch." Jessica told me she likes pornography just like I do. Jessica looked a little embarrassed, but I cut in fast and said, “That sounds like fun." We each got a beer and put in the tape. Kathy sat down on one side of me and Jessica on the other. I thought this seemed a bit strange but what the heck. The porno flick started out with a huge man getting a blow job from a petite little sexy looking woman. She seemed to suck on his huge dick for ten minutes then he laid her on the bed and pulled her clothes off. He licked her pussy until it was wet then he stuck his huge monster dick into her wet pussy pumping in and out of her hard and fast. I could tell Jessica was getting excited by this because she was squirming around on the couch next to me. Kathy whispered in my ear, "Jessica’s boyfriend broke up with her last year when he left to go to College out of state. She hasn't had sex with anybody since. Would you mind having sex with her? She's on the pill and been tested for any STDs. I think she would really enjoy that." I told Kathy I certainly would be willing to help out. Kathy asked Jessica if she would like to have sex with me to relieve her tensions some. Jessica looked a little embarrassed but smiled and said, “Sure." I said, “You know, I have an idea. Let’s make our own porno tape. For our eyes of course." They both seemed to get excited by this idea and I took the video camera from the TV and set it up so that it faced the couch, and we could see ourselves on the large TV screen. I sat back down next to Jessica and rubbed her long silky white thigh then ran my fingers just the edge of her short shorts and over her crotch. I could tell how excited she was already because her shorts were<b> damp </font></b>and . I unbuttoned her tiny jean shorts and pulled just her shorts off down her long slender legs. Then I removed her shirt and bra over her head revealing the sexiest little pink titties I had ever seen. She had fairly large breasts and her nipples were light brown surrounded by an inch or so of pinkish colored skin. I took her hard nipples in my lips one a time as I rubbed her crotch through her panties until her tiny white panties were soaking wet with her juices. I slipped her panties down her thigh with the back of my fingers, and she slid them onto the floor. I leaned over her and licked her tiny pink slit up and down with my tongue. Her pink pussy gaped open, and her little clit got hard and peeked through the mound of white skin above her slit her sparse blond pubic hairs. "I have an idea for the video." Kathy said from behind . She took a blanket from the back of the couch and spread it along the narrow sturdy coffee table in front of us. She told to lay on my back on the table then positioned Jessica on top facing . Kathy got on top of just behind Jessica and reached down to Jessica's wet crotch. She pulled Jessica up a bit until her pussy was on top of the head of my huge cock. Then Kathy spread Jessica’s pussy lips open and helped guide her down on my rock-hard aching shaft. "Oh, that feels so good." Jessica said, smiling at with her shiny braces and looking with her big blue eyes. Kathy rubbed Jessica's titties and nipples as Jessica slid up and down my pole. Then Kathy grabbed Jessica around the waist and hoisted her up as Kathy's pussy came down on the head of my slippery hard shaft. Kathy spread her own pussy open and slid down all the way. Jessica's wet pussy came to rest on my stomach with her little clit sticking attention and pulsating slightly. Then Kathy lifted up again and Jessica's pussy was on my shaft again. They got a rhythm going together and were bouncing up and down with first one ’s pussy around my dick and then the others. "Have you ever had it in the ass, Jessica?" Kathy asked. Jessica said, "No” Kathy told Jessica to get up on the table doggie style and I stood behind Jessica's little ass with her juices dripping down her gaping slit onto the blanket beneath her. Kathy moved the video camera over a little closer to catch all the action and I put the head of my cock into Jessica's pussy and pumped a few more times. Then placed the head of my dick against her tight little wet puckered brown asshole. Kathy rubbed her own clit with her tiny little fingers as she operated the camera zooming in on Jessica’s ass. Jessica looked into the TV to see her wet slippery asshole up close with my dick just behind it. She pushed back slowly onto the head of my dick while I reached her and rubbed her breasts and ran my hand over her tight stomach. Then I put two fingers over her hard clit and rubbed slowly in small circles. Jessica put one foot on the floor for better balance and this also loosened up the entrance to her tight asshole. She humped back and the head of my dick popped just inside of her tight bumhole. Jessica squirmed around a little and whimpered, "It kind of hurts." The more she wiggled around the farther in my shaft went and as I started a slow in and rocking motion soon, I was buried all the way with my balls against her wet gaping pussy. I rubbed her clit and titties until she starts humping wildly back on my shaft. Kathy screamed from across the room, " coming" as she continued to operate the camera. Kathy fell to the floor legs spread wide rubbing her gaping wet pussy and clit frantically with her tiny wet fingers. Jessica humped back even harder screaming “ coming too, coming like I never came before in my life. Fuck my asshole hard. Fuck me hard." I slammed into her over and over again rubbing her clit with my fingers and my balls slapping against her wet gaping pussy. The muscles of her asshole gripped my shaft like a vise, and she fell flat onto the table with me on top convulsing in pleasure. I shot my load deep inside her belly then pulled and collapsed on the couch.

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