My Daddy Play  

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11/14/2021 8:27 am
My Daddy Play


You will arrive at my apartment prepared but you don't know with who You knock on my door and realize as I answer it that this is your daddy's place. I see you and tell you come in and I take you by your hand over my foot stool where I sit and tell you to sit my lap. You say daddy should I do that you are my daddy I say yes and you sit my lap. I start kissing you and you resist a little and say daddy you are such a good kisser

We kiss passionately and you begin moan saying daddy I am feeling something in my pussy. I say ok its time for you take off your clothes so slowly for your daddy and you say OK daddy.. as you are taking off your clothes I say I want you with your pussy with you clit, put your fingers inside those wet lips that are getting wetter and wetter by the minute.. I then tell you let suck the juices off your fingers and I do then begin kissing you again touching your naked body over I say lets go in the bedroom and you say O h daddy what are we going do in there. I say you are going take off my clothes and suck my cock

We go in the bedroom and you begin undress and eventually your wet lips are all around my cock licking sucking and saying daddy should I really be doing this I say baby yes this is for your daddy. I then tell you get the bed where I restrain both of your legs with soft restraints and you say Daddy what are you doing and I say I want you with your pussy as you watch stroke my cock . You are getting more and more excited and you bring yourself your first orgasm and then another saying daddy I am so turned by you. I say its time tie your hands down now I do that and begin kiss you over your body starting with your lips your ears, neck and those most beautiful tits of yours Just wanting suck your nipples and caress them with my hands and fuck them with my cock

I know I can't wait anymore and move down your pussy and begin using my so talented oral and finger<b> skills </font></b>there first licking your labia , your clit and inside your pussy you say daddy that feels so good wont I get in trouble doing this with my daddy I say you need keep a secret.. I begin fingering your pussy finding your pulsating g spot wanting my touch and begin to there as I move off and your clit with my tongue this goes on for a while and I bring you to one orgasm after another. You say daddy I want to suck your cock and I untie you and tell you to do that. the while I begin playing with your ass using my fingers so gently preparing that ass be penetrated you continue moan and moan while sucking my cock.. daddy fucks you in the ass so gently with you moaning and saying daddy that feels so good but daddy fucking your baby in the ass is that ok for you do ... I say yes baby as you continue be fucked in the ass - enjoying it more and more...

Your daddy is so pleased with his girl being fucked in the ass that I want begin fucking that sweet pussy of yours with my cock again hitting that g spot over and over. While daddy is fucking you doggy style he uses he finely tuned skill of warming that beautiful ass of yours with his hands while he continues fuck you and begins slap you your ass so gently at first then you ask for more and more until you have had enough.. It about this time after an hour or two or more that daddy says I want cum with you sucking my cock but first peg with my glass pegging toys and after that awhile I say just suck my cock and so you do with pleasure

You suck my cock and because daddy has these incredible body shaking deep orgasms you are excited to suck his cock until he is complete with his body shaking and he comes to a rest.. At this time you say Daddy I want to cuddle with you as we do Kissing passionately and after a while your daddy begins to get excited again and moves his lips to your nipples sucking on them with such intensity that you begin to get closer and closer to another O and after one or maybe two daddy make his way to your pussy again using his fingers and his mouth bringing you to orgasm after orgasm until you can't take anymore and melt in his arms That is what your daddy will do with you."

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