Questions and Answers with a white fag  

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3/7/2018 1:01 pm
Questions and Answers with a white fag

Questions and Answers with a white fag

FriendFinder-x deletes odd words, phrases and n•mbèrz . Please forgive any odd sentences or constructions.

Like anyōñe else on FriendFinder-x, I get some of the same questions over and over again. I also get some odd ones, too. Below is my on-going Question and Answer post. If you have a question after reading this post, my profile and my other blog entries, message me - don’t email me! The photos are ideas for you to consider.

Q: Why publish this blog

A: Since the blogs are free to any member level and can encompass more detail than a profile, I like to use the blogging option to better describe who I am, what I am interested in, and what my particular sexual proclivities are.

Q: Do you ever date/hook up with/serve white men?

A: Yes. In the past I have had hung out with, had dates, relationships and sex with white men. As I have explored my own particular wants and desires, I found myself interested, on a løt of levels, to Black Men. I decided to only focus on serving the needs of Black Men.

Q: My wife and I would like to have you over for a three-some. Interested?

A: Thanks for the invitation. I appreciate that you like my profile and pics. I only have three-somes with Black Men. Good luck and have fun.

Q: Do you cross dress? Will you wear women’s clothing? Do you do drag?

A: I posted about this here I don’t cross dress or do drag. If you have something you want me to wear - you ex-wife’s panties or her wig for example, - I am up for that.

Q: I want to chat with you about Black Men, sucking cock, being a sub, etc.

A:Thanks for messaging me. I don’t chat on IM/Message except to meet or make plans with Black Men. I know what I am focused on and I am not interested in discussing it with other white guys or women.

Q: Ī ām a married white guy. If I have a Black friend, can I fuck you while you suck him ( or the reverse)?

A: Entirely up to your Black friend. I follow his directions. As long as he in charge, I will do what he says. I will only answer to Him.

Q: Do you have toys (dildos, butt plugs, cock rings, etc.)?

A: No, I don’t.

Q: Hey - can you bring some poppers with you?

A: Sorry, no poppers. You will need to purchase some on your own.

Q: Ī ām a single Black Man. I’ve never tried this before. But I like the idea of being served. Could you just hang out for a few hours at my place, clean stuff and see how it goes?

A: Yes, Sir!

Q: Ī ām Black and 25. Can you suck my dick, bitch?

A: Sir, thanks for the offer but I interested in Black Men over about 35. Over 40 is even better. If you have a lonely uncle, please send him my way.

Q: I have built a glory hole - or - A friend has a glory hole. Will you suck me at it? Would you suck other men at it?

A:Hi Sir. If you are a Black Man, I will suck whom ever you want me to suck at your glory hole - you, friends, neighbors or the postman. No questions asked, no dick refused. Your cāll.

Q: If I set up my webcam or laptop to broadcast on FriendFinder-x, will you suck my dick on cam or let me fuck you on cam?

A:Yes, Sir.

Q: Will you suck my dick in the dark?

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: Can I suck your dick or will you fuck me?

A:No, Sir. Ī ām here to bottom, serve and worship.

Q: Ī ām traveling to Los Angeles or LAX, can you come by my hotel room and unpack my suitcases, layout my clothes and suck my dick?

A: Ready and , Sir.

Q: Can you put me up for a night/week/month??

A: No, Sir

Q: Ī ām a 75 year straight Black Man. Would you really drink my piss and suck my dick?

A:Yes, Sir.

Q: Will you meet me in a public restroom?

A: Sorry, Sir, probably not. I don’t want either us arrested. I happy to work with you to find a safer place to meet.

Q: Can you host?

A: Sometimes. Let me know your schedule.

Q: Can I watch straight/gay/trans porn while you blow me?

A: Yes, Sir. Ī ām there to blow you. You can watch whatever you want.

Q: Ī ām a Black Man, but have a regular size/small dick? Will you still serve me?

A: Yes, Sir. Honored to do it.

Q: Are you only interested in thug or gangsta type men?

A: No, Ī ām interested in serving all types of Black Men.

Q: Do you have porn for me to watch?

A: I have some. All of it is gay.

Q: Do you role plāy ?

A: Absolutely, Sir, absolutely. Ī ām more than happy to try almost any scenario.

Q: Will you eat my ass?

A: As long as it is clean, yes ,Sir.

Q: I work late at night/early morning as a security guard/cashier/warehouse worker. Would you suck me at work?

A: Yes, Sir. Ī will suck you in an office, storage area, conference room, under your desk - you name it.If you want me to suck you in your car, it needs to be in a private area and not in the public streets.

Q: Can my wife watch?

A: Sorry, not into that, Sir.

Q: Can my male co-worker / neighbor / cousin / pastor/ deacon / minister / gardener / walker / friend / handy man / plumber / boss / drummer in my band watch or get in on the action?

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: Can I wear a mask? I don’t want you to know who Ī ām .

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: Ī ām not into getting sucked, but I like the idea of pissing in a white guy’s mouth. Are you into that?

A: Yes, Sir. Anytime.

Q: Ī ām kind of shy and keep to myself. I want to get sucked off. You cool with us not talking a lot?

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: Do you party or PnP? Do you mind if I do?

A: No, I don’t and not into being around it.

Q: Will you wear a wig and let me fuck you doggy style and me Sir?

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: Can I fuck you late at night in garage while my wife sleeps?

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: Seriously - would you really come to my house and clean my kitchen and suck my dick a few times on a Saturday? Seems too good too be true.

A: Sir, it’s what I live for. I will gladly do it.

Q: Can you wear a mask/hood while you suck me or I fuck you?

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: Can I put you over my knee and spank you until you cry and then face fuck you?

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: Do you have a friend that can join us?

A: Sorry, I don’t. While I tend to be pretty ecumenical in my taste for men, other guys are often more selective. Nothing causes droopy dicks faster than if you bring 2 tops together and they are not into each other. If you want to bring a friend over to fill my holes, Ī ām very happy to oblige.

Q: I have another white sub. Would you worship me with him?

A: Maybe? Depends on the sub. Truthfully, if there is more than 1 sub, then I prefer more than 1 top. It’s often 2 sub guys fighting for 1 dick, which sounds great for the top, but often does not work out. With 1 sub and 2 tops, every can have fun.

Q: Would you be the bottom in a gang bang? Would you consent to be filmed in gang bang?

A: If the main person organizing this is a Black Man, I will always say yes. No questions asked. If this a bunch of white guys, definitely no. Ī ām here to serve Black Men. As to being filmed, it depends on the situation and the men involved. If it’s all Black Men, I would say yes.

Q: What’s your ideal guy?

  • Black or Mixed.

  • Straight to straight-ish.

  • A cocky, arrogant, no fucks given top.

  • Masculine presenting.

  • More focused on himself than me - a bit selfish.

  • Not afraid to tell me what and how to do it.

  • Intelligent.

  • Around my age or older.

  • Kinky and creative.

  • In charge.

  • He could have a friend or 2 that he wants me to serve as well.

Q: What’s your ideal situation?

A: Meet up with a Black Man once or twice a week to serve him - clean, organize or work for him. Sexually serve him anyway he wants and then go back home. Once or twice a year, have a fun weekend doing something kinky.

Q: What have you not done yet that you want to do with your next Black Man?

A: Serve a Black Gentleman non-sexually. I’ve had regular guys, that I would blow (usually) once or twice a week, but I did not clean or work for them regularly. I’d like to get into that- be their weekly cocksucker and house cleaner.

I’d also like to be a urinal at a poker party or a weekly gathering to watch football. I’d like to be set up in a bathroom or garage to just recycle every guy’s beer- piss away, Black Men!

I’d like to be put in a collar and on leash.

All that being written, really just looking for a strong, adventurous, horny Black Men that just want me to their dicks often.

Q: Look, not Ī ām not gay but I want to get head from a white guy one time. Cool?

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: I want to watch you blow my buddy. He’s Black.

A: Okay.

Q: Ī ām at home and a little buzzed. Can you rub my shoulders and suck my dick?

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: Do you swallow?

A: Every time. Piss, spit or cum. Yes, Sir.

Q: I don’t have time to shower or change. Can I swing by for a blow job?

A: Yes, Sir.

Q: What do you like about Black Men?

A: Their intelligence, bodies, dicks, balls, tips of their cocks, laugh, stern gazes, their piss and cum, their dominance. Everything.

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Hi would you travel to me in fresno to use you

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Yes, Sir!

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