What is a Cuckquean  

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7/27/2021 3:30 pm
What is a Cuckquean

Do you know what a cuckquean is?

If you fantasize about your husband (or significant other) having sexual relations with another woman than chances are you are a cuckquean.

I am a cuckquean. I love watching my husband with other women.

Cuckquean Definition from From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Cuckquean gender opposite term of cuckold derived from old English (1562 CE); lifestyle meaning is similar to male cuckold but is more often found in BDSM relationships and humiliation than dependent upon a male evolutionary response that increases sexual performance.

Cuckquean refers to a woman with an adulterous husband. In modern English it generally refers to the sexual<b> fetish </font></b>in which sexual gratification is gained from maintenance or observation of sexual relations by a man with a woman or a number of women besides his girlfriend, wife or long-term female sex partner. The reversed gender roles of the cuckold relationship. Unfortunately, the research involved within cuckquean and her counterparts has proved to be largely unsubstantiated.

The<b> fetish </font></b>specifics can range wildly, from loving treatment toward the cuckquean to complete humiliation and debasement. However, very commonly a requirement for the<b> fetish </font></b>is that the cuckquean is somehow humiliated, whether this is acted out to be intentional or as some sort of by-product of the situation (e.g., the parties involved are somehow too sexually aroused to stop). Therefore cuckolding/cuckqueaning' usually involves acting out a story or ritual involving humiliating acts, events or circumstances; it is not simply husband-swapping, swinging or sharing a sexual partner."

I'm not into the humiliation.

For me it's about the voyeurism and sharing.

I think sharing the man you love, sharing in his pleasure, and taking pleasure yourself is an immensely intense thing.

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