wildwetnwaiting 57F
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12/31/2020 12:10 am

Just when I thought chemistry was just a story . . . . I met a guy from FriendFinder-x. We had had cyber sex and it was hot. We decided to meet for real. I met him at a local bar. As I walked , I saw a guy walk in the bar ahead of . I knew it was him. I entered and he was standing there looking around. I touched his arm and asked if he was Luke. He gave a hug and we found a table. The bar wasn't very crowded. We found a table, ordered drinks and started that awkward business of small talk. As we talked, we discovered that we had several things in common, one of which was having lived overseas for awhile. The bar got more crowded and louder. I suddenly realized that I wasn't feeling the awkwardness anymore. Our hands were on the table. I touched his while I was talking and we kept that contact. That small touch became the biggest turn on. He had turned my hand over and began stroking my palm. Those "jolts" you read about. . well, I felt one, and i realized that I was more than a little aroused. We tried to maintain a conversation but he was as distracted by our physical touching as I was. I found myself having a hard time finishing a sentence. I kept my eyes on his and felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I laughed and shook my head. Told him he was trouble. He smiled. I told him I wanted to kiss him. But told him the waiting, the anticipation, was also delicious. I looked around, trying to clear my head a little and realized that the bar was packed now. Musicians were setting and began playing. We sat there, not talking, listening the music . . . the while his hand was my arm. He brushed my breast. I turned. He smiled. It had been intentional. We were surrounded by people in close quarters at other tables, yet he brushed my breast again, much more noticeably. I was having trouble breathing, my heart was racing and he had squirming in my seat. He smiled broadly as his hand once again found the side of my breast. This time he kept it there, oblivious those around us. His finger reached out and skimmed my nipple. It was I could do not moan. I closed my eyes and he did it again. .. and again. Were others noticing? Did they see what he was doing? The mere thought made my pussy throb. I ached for him cup my breast. Longed feel his mouth but I took his hand and brought it to my mouth for a kiss. I was trying to remain aware that we were in public. I took a drink. We both had had a few. I intentionally picked my drink with my right hand, the hand he had been touching, to break the connection, ever so briefly. I looked at him. . .shaking my head. . smiling. . . . a wry grin ... i knew we would end in bed. I finally asked if he'd follow home. He smiled and asked for the check. We waited . .. my heart raced, I knew my panties were soaked. We hadn't even kissed yet and I felt like I'd come the minute he pressed his lips mine! We manuevered ourselves through the crowd and finally opened the door the cool, crisp night. He<b> whipped </font></b>around and kissed . We were so hungry for each other. Just when I thought he'd start opening my blouse right there the street, we were interrupted by a woman panhandling for money. We broke apart and went our respective cars. the way home, any bump in the street seemed target my highly sensitive clit. I had never felt so out of control. We pulled in front of my house and made out in the street against my car until we couldn't stand it. When we went inside, I didn't even turn on the lights. I just turned him and we kissed. God, I wanted feel how hard his cock was so I skimmed my hand over his jeans. He was rock hard. I squeezed firmly and he moaned. Clothes began fly. I told him that I was so wet for him, that my panties were literally soaked. He reached down to feel them and brushed my clit and I came so hard. . . .I'd been so aroused for so long that I couldn't hold back. He groaned and I led him to my bed. He piled the pillows in the middle and made me lay so my hips were on them, high in the air. He stood there and stroked himself . .. .told me he couldn't do that for long or he would come too. I could feel my pussy gush again. I begged him to fuck me. I needed to feel that hard cock inside me. He came forward, knelt on the bed and stroked his finger over me. It was more delicious torture. I needed him inside me. He took his cock in hand and ran it over my clit. . . teasing . . . smiling as i moaned and begged some more. Finally, he pressed his hard cock to me. .. .pushing. . . trying to go slow. . . but once he was inside me, neither of us could wait. He pounded me. The bed rattled against the wall. It didn't take long before I knew he was going to cum. I pulled his lips to mine. Kissed him. Then said "Fill me with your cum. I want all of it .Every last drop . . make it drip from my pussy."

I think that was the last time I was fully satisfied. We spent the night feasting on each other and did things I had only read about.

onemoremke692 52M

8/26/2021 8:12 am

hey sexy - i had issues with my account. Kind of tired of paying for this as well, just came back to say hi to you. If you ever get back to town, let me know. I will keep this account active

blaqguyinwi 57M  
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10/29/2021 6:04 pm

Wow...beautiful story. I could totally feel you.

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