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Posted:Dec 31, 2020 12:10 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2022 7:57 pm

Just when I thought chemistry was just a story . . . . I met a guy from FriendFinder-x. We had had cyber sex and it was hot. We decided to meet for real. I met him at a local bar. As I walked , I saw a guy walk in the bar ahead of . I knew it was him. I entered and he was standing there looking around. I touched his arm and asked if he was Luke. He gave a hug and we found a table. The bar wasn't very crowded. We found a table, ordered drinks and started that awkward business of small talk. As we talked, we discovered that we had several things in common, one of which was having lived overseas for awhile. The bar got more crowded and louder. I suddenly realized that I wasn't feeling the awkwardness anymore. Our hands were on the table. I touched his while I was talking and we kept that contact. That small touch became the biggest turn on. He had turned my hand over and began stroking my palm. Those "jolts" you read about. . well, I felt one, and i realized that I was more than a little aroused. We tried to maintain a conversation but he was as distracted by our physical touching as I was. I found myself having a hard time finishing a sentence. I kept my eyes on his and felt my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I laughed and shook my head. Told him he was trouble. He smiled. I told him I wanted to kiss him. But told him the waiting, the anticipation, was also delicious. I looked around, trying to clear my head a little and realized that the bar was packed now. Musicians were setting and began playing. We sat there, not talking, listening the music . . . the while his hand was my arm. He brushed my breast. I turned. He smiled. It had been intentional. We were surrounded by people in close quarters at other tables, yet he brushed my breast again, much more noticeably. I was having trouble breathing, my heart was racing and he had squirming in my seat. He smiled broadly as his hand once again found the side of my breast. This time he kept it there, oblivious those around us. His finger reached out and skimmed my nipple. It was I could do not moan. I closed my eyes and he did it again. .. and again. Were others noticing? Did they see what he was doing? The mere thought made my pussy throb. I ached for him cup my breast. Longed feel his mouth but I took his hand and brought it to my mouth for a kiss. I was trying to remain aware that we were in public. I took a drink. We both had had a few. I intentionally picked my drink with my right hand, the hand he had been touching, to break the connection, ever so briefly. I looked at him. . .shaking my head. . smiling. . . . a wry grin ... i knew we would end in bed. I finally asked if he'd follow home. He smiled and asked for the check. We waited . .. my heart raced, I knew my panties were soaked. We hadn't even kissed yet and I felt like I'd come the minute he pressed his lips mine! We manuevered ourselves through the crowd and finally opened the door the cool, crisp night. He whipped around and kissed . We were so hungry for each other. Just when I thought he'd start opening my blouse right there the street, we were interrupted by a woman panhandling for money. We broke apart and went our respective cars. the way home, any bump in the street seemed target my highly sensitive clit. I had never felt so out of control. We pulled in front of my house and made out in the street against my car until we couldn't stand it. When we went inside, I didn't even turn on the lights. I just turned him and we kissed. God, I wanted feel how hard his cock was so I skimmed my hand over his jeans. He was rock hard. I squeezed firmly and he moaned. Clothes began fly. I told him that I was so wet for him, that my panties were literally soaked. He reached down to feel them and brushed my clit and I came so hard. . . .I'd been so aroused for so long that I couldn't hold back. He groaned and I led him to my bed. He piled the pillows in the middle and made me lay so my hips were on them, high in the air. He stood there and stroked himself . .. .told me he couldn't do that for long or he would come too. I could feel my pussy gush again. I begged him to fuck me. I needed to feel that hard cock inside me. He came forward, knelt on the bed and stroked his finger over me. It was more delicious torture. I needed him inside me. He took his cock in hand and ran it over my clit. . . teasing . . . smiling as i moaned and begged some more. Finally, he pressed his hard cock to me. .. .pushing. . . trying to go slow. . . but once he was inside me, neither of us could wait. He pounded me. The bed rattled against the wall. It didn't take long before I knew he was going to cum. I pulled his lips to mine. Kissed him. Then said "Fill me with your cum. I want all of it .Every last drop . . make it drip from my pussy."

I think that was the last time I was fully satisfied. We spent the night feasting on each other and did things I had only read about.
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continued 2
Posted:Dec 30, 2020 5:00 am
Last Updated:May 20, 2022 7:57 pm

We hear the door open and two women enter. Thank god for the full walls of the stall. We're frozen now. . . your hard cock pulsing inside me. ..I'm on the verge. . . it's torture to be still. i start to tighten my muscles to squeeze your cock inside me. Your eyes widen. You bite my shoulder and slowly push deeper inside me. We listen to the women, who seem like they will never leave. They leave. . . sounds like they just came in to touch up their lipstick. As soon as the door closes, you rear back and then start shoving your cock inside me. Neither of us can stand it anymore. .. i beg you to fuck me harder. ... i grab your ass and pull you closer. . . .just there. ... and. .. ahhhhhh, yesss! I come and start to scream. You fasten your mouth on mine, silencing me. one, two three. ... you fill my pussy with your cum. Hips still pumping. .. . then we still. Panting, sweaty, weak in the knees. Trying to get our breath, I realize that I don't want to be done. You pull out of me and I whimper. You zip up your pants. Lean into me for a kiss. Long, slow, deep. ..You tell me you'll meet me back at the table. I tell you I need more of you. ... i want our bodies naked, skin to skin. .... You smile, kiss me again. I hear you wash your hands. I hear the door open and close. I sit on the toilet trying to get myself under control. I can't believe I want you so desperately again. I pull up my panties. .. . adjust my skirt. Pull down my shirt. Listening to make sure I'm still alone. I walk out of the stall. Wash my hands. Fix my hair. Put on lipstick. Make sure i look presentable. I've been gone from the table for a long time. I walk out of the bathroom and back into the chaos of the bar. I feel like everyone knows what we did. That they know that I can still feel your cum leaking down my legs. ... I get to the table and you're standing waiting. Everyone asks if I'm ok. I look to you. You put your arm around me and tell me that you'd let everyone know I wasn't feeling well, that we would have to leave. I smile and nod, still wobbly, I lean into you. We say our goodbyes and manuever through the crowd. We get outside and you pull me around the corner of the building for a kiss. Putting your forehead against mine, you say. . . I'm not done with you yet. . .

to be continued
Posted:Dec 29, 2020 11:23 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2022 7:57 pm

You hear someone your name from across the bar. You quickly refasten my bra, both of us breathing heavy. .. . on the edge. Your friend comes over and invites us to join his party. .. . you don't really know how to say No. As we walk across to the table i feel my panties rubbing against my clit. I can feel how soaked they are. I need to . I reach back and stroke your cock as we walk. You grab my wrist, lean forward and tell that it'll be waiting for . We drink, talk. .. still finding it very hard to concentrate, I need to so badly. I finally can't stand it anymore and get up to go to the bathroom. I have to touch myself. You my questioningly and see that still aroused. I stumble through the people to find the ladies room. Upscale bar, upscale ladies room. Stalls like little private rooms. I enter and before closing the door, i feel it taken from . There you are. You push inside. Our mouths meet and finally I taste you! I swear going to just from kissing you. You're already undoing your jeans and pulling them down. I lift my skirt and pull down my panties. I moan as the friction of removing them seems unbearable on my sensitive pussy lips. i put one foot on the toilet and ahhhhhh. .. You plunge inside. hard thrust. .. both of us moaning. .. not caring if there is anyone else there. .. again and again.. . you cock moving in and , hard, steady rthym. Both of us wanting it to last but barely hanging on. I beg for more...knowing oh so close. .'re fucking hard now. . in my ear, chanting . . , , . .....
hungry for your touch
Posted:Dec 29, 2020 10:57 pm
Last Updated:May 20, 2022 7:57 pm

It has been almost 2 years since I've had sex or kissed anyone. hungry for that feeling of a new partner. Watching your eyes to see if you are interested. Are you looking at ? my lips? the hint of my breasts you see in the V of my shirt? Do you notice that my nipples are getting hard as I see that you are looking at ? looking your hands. Imagining them sliding my shirt. inhaling and moaning as i feel your touch. Feeling my panties get damp. Pressing my legs together, biting my lip. Watching your mouth as your hands reach up to undo my bra. Growing breathless, the anticipation delicious. You as your hands feel the weight of my breasts for the first time. You see my eyes get cloudy as your thumb skims across my hard nipples. Squirming in my seat as my arousal heightens. I around us. . . . . We're packed into a dark corner of the room, the bar is crowded. No one is paying attention to us. At least we don't think so, or even really care. I reach between us and skim my nails over the zipper of your jeans. . .. over your hard cock. . .this time you stifle a moan.

To be continued . . .
Posted:Jul 7, 2007 2:07 pm
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2021 5:51 am

i want more than just a man in my bed. i want someone who wants to know me, not just the public face but the me behind the everyday mask. i want to be intellectually and physically stimulated by someone who will challenge me. who will also allow me to challenge them. i want someone to scream at the tv with when the news is ridiculous or a favorite show is on. i want someone to seduce me. not expect to be in my bed seconds after meeting. i want someone who wants to please and be pleased at leisure. no mental timetable of "he/she did this so now i have to. . . ". i want to giggle and tease. i want to play and be passionate. i want someone who wants to know more after a first encounter. i want someone who becomes more attractive each time i'm with him, because he's let me in just a little more. it feels like i want too much. or at least too much for here. i guess i want to know if men have these same kind of wants or if the very thought of "wants" is too intimidating to even phathom.
Is it possible . . . ?
Posted:Jan 23, 2006 3:28 am
Last Updated:Jul 8, 2007 7:43 pm

So, is it possible to find someone on FriendFinder-x and have "playtime" grow into more than that? Are women stuck in the stereotypical "those who like sex are good for fun but not for real relationships"? And how do both parties proceed. . . how do you move from the early basis of the relationship - sexual fun - to a more emotional connection. . . (not losing the sex, of course)? Ok, that last question is silly. . . . it's a matter of making oneself vulnerable and there is always that turning point in any relationship. Hmmmm. . . is it a good thing or bad thing when you consider making yourself vulnerable? Scary. . either way. .
My musings for today. . . WWW
didn't mean to whine
Posted:Jan 1, 2006 5:17 pm
Last Updated:Jul 7, 2007 2:09 pm

I did not mean for anyone to think I was whining about the men I've met at all. And, I did think a lot about the comment that we all lie in various ways. You're right. . . seems like one of those double standards we live by. . not OK for others to lie but ok for us. LOL
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so much for honesty
Posted:Dec 27, 2005 9:33 am
Last Updated:Jan 1, 2021 5:53 am

ok. . .I'm totally amused. . pissed off. . etc. I met this guy on FriendFinder-x and we seemed to really have a connection . . . ok, ok. . a connection online but a connection none the less. We had VERY hot phone sex that left us both wanting to meet each other immediately. Met for coffee the next morning and continued to enjoy each other. Several weeks of cyber, phone calls, etc and then we finally met in real life at my place. This is a man who is extremely charming, intelligent, conservative (a definite strike against him in my book, but someone who really listened to my views and respected them. He has a somewhat complicated family situation so insisted we met during the day. Loved his kisses and his touch.. . .but let's say the sex was less than satisfying for me. . . but he was definitely satisfied. We met a couple of other times and chatted on and off and then he dissappeared completely only to resurface about 2 weeks ago. Chatting on the phone to catch up, he was lamenting about life etc. and then told me he was confused because he and his "girlfriend" broke up. GIRLFRIEND?! I am totally not interested in getting involved with a man who is attached and he knew that. He also shared my bewilderment about attached men looking for playmates online. So. . .. how was he different? Ok.. . so today. . . we chat online (the first time since I heard about his girlfriend - who wants to have a baby with him, but he insists "girlfriend" is just a label! Interesting perspective!)and starts being sexually suggestive and then I ask about his girlfriend. He becomes somewhat defensive and asks if I think he was dishonest. . . HMMMMM, let me think YES!!!!!!!!!!! So after I told him that I think he is an intelligent and good man, who gets in his own way regarding being happy. . he tells me to have a good life! Ok, I know it's pretty naive to imagine anyone is telling the truth online. . but .. .
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