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Posted:Aug 4, 2017 5:15 pm
Last Updated:Sep 4, 2021 7:39 pm

(**HINT: If the pointer changes to a hand, right click on it and select Open link in New Tab)

Sometimes, without a viable outlet, what my body and/or mind is craving escapes through my fingers. Enjoy!

Caught and Wrecked
For Her
Kitchen Kanoodle
Movie Night
Neighbor Wife
No More Attitude
Pool Ambush
Road Trip
Shop Skills
Something About Firelight
Sportus Interuptus
Stormy Surrender
Thinking of quothimquot

**No the bling used in my stories aren't pics of me. If it doesn't have pics in it, I couldn't find any suitable. Volunteers welcome to help create our own!
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Posted:Aug 4, 2017 5:25 pm
Last Updated:Feb 26, 2019 5:13 pm

FriendFinder-x won't allow me to share the links on their own site....sorry! You'll have to look up the vids for yourself, but they are worth it!


best foreplay move I've ever encountered: he laid on his back, pulled me on top of him (on my back too) and used his hands to make me feel like he was learning everything he could through touch.

best oral ever: he very lightly sucked my clit into his mouth and held it, then flicked it with his tongue at the same time.

laying on my belly, from behind. especially if you are close enough for me to feel your chest on my back. hence, my fav vid on FriendFinder-x (wanna be JUST like her when i grow up):
Search for user Discretefun9; and the video is titled Full Length Polar Bear.

on my back, one leg up and you holding it tight to you (pref making use of your curve to hit that just-right spot)

you sitting, me straddling forward/me straddling reverse, leaning back either way

missionary, full weight on me, reach under and lift/tilt & hold my hips. long slow full strokes

i like to run my tongue from the tip to the base and back again, all the way around

Just realized there is a theme here, too: from behind...and that's the scariest too
More FriendFinder-x Vid Faves:

In case you missed it above, search for user "Discretefun9" and the video is titled "Full Length Polar Bear". This couple's "Up Close" is another instance of the same.

Search for user "whynot200889" and the video is titled "Highlights".

Search for user "hotandnew696" and the video is titled "My Boy Toy Made Me Cum".

Search for user "TiggRrrrsTale" and the video is the one with the water scene pic on the wall behind them. Actually, all of this couple's vids are awesome.

user gone. Search for user "HostingCoup4U" and the video is titled "Watching Her"

Search for user "lookingtoshowoff" and their june 2014 vids of hot tub action. yummy!

Search for user "TakeMe569"; and the video is "Fun Times with our friends";

Search for user "noregrets4484" and the video is untitled but she has a chain belt on and reverse straddles him. She has a great orgasm!!!

Search for user "mylittlewhitecat" and the video is titled "Cumming hard".

user gone. Search for user "gdink67" and the video is titled "Wet and juicy....She was so wet" and another of the same user's titled "Getting Soaked in the Kitchen...".

user gone. Search for user "mi3je" and the video was titled So Tasty at one point, but last time i looked it didn't have a title. He's eating her and she cums.

Search for user "Ride_a_Sybian" - he has several good ones, but I do love "Feeding Time...Sunday Brunch" and "Making Her Cum".

Search for user "KinkyAbqCouple69" and the video is titled "The Encounter". I think I counted 7 orgasms...

Search for user "augustacierta3". Several great videos, and I love "Shaker"!

user gone. Search for user "Thunderbird_1" and the video is titled "Try this at home lol".

Search for user "Saliv8ing4U" and the video is titled "I luv her smile...".

Search for user "Cncffactory4" and the video is on page 2 titled "Lots of Fucking" as well as page 8 titled "Sex on the Penthouse Balcony I".

Search for user "Tigtweet" and the video isn't showing a title but it's obviously a kitchen scene. Made me damp!

Search for user "MILF4MALES" and the video is titled "Carnal by Candlelight". This couple has a couple of good vids in fact!

video gone. Search for user "Sollymon8" and the video is titled "Celebrating Hump Day Properly!". He has a couple of good vids in fact!

Search for user " jokagainagain". He has many great ones, including 4/10 and 2/25/16

Search for user "wallis672" and the video is Untitled 6/7/2015 and "One More", same date. Back seat vids - adore it!

FriendFinder-x Magazine Faves:
OH guys PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE read this one!!!!
Click Magazine, click Articles, and search for or scroll down to "Oral Sex - How to please her? Learning by experience..."

Username Faves (got a kick out of/think they're awesome):
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Private Messages
Posted:Sep 22, 2021 4:09 pm
Last Updated:Sep 23, 2021 4:20 pm

Chatting and mailing have been removed unless you are Gold - you can leave me a message here that nobody else will see. xoxo
Something About Firelight
Posted:Sep 4, 2021 7:36 pm
Last Updated:Sep 13, 2021 6:03 pm

My steps were quiet as I walked up behind him in front of the fire. I reached up and traced the outside of his ears, giving the lobes a light tug. I ran my hands slowly down the sides of his neck while my thumbs rubbed the ridges at his spine. They travel the length of his shoulders, down his arms to his elbows, and then back to his neck. Slowly I let them ease down his spine to the top of his ass and back, and then I trace the line of his shoulder blades to his sides and around. My affection for the male nipple demands I circle his with my fingers before my lips follow.

Once my tongue has traced both his nipples it starts a downward path toward his belly button. My tongue dips in to torment as my hands travel down the outside of his legs. That little fleshy belly just below the naval gets a nip. I see the surge, but ignore it to move a little lower and deliver another nip as my hands move to the inside of his legs and start upward. My tongue moves to the base of his shaft and around to the backside of it to trail a path all the way to the tip and all the way back down to the base.
Not Bling Owner
My hands are already there kneading and massaging. They move aside for my nose to reach down and give his balls a little lift for my tongue to find the backside of them. All the way back to the tip I go, and tap the tip on my tongue a couple of times. Then I suck him in. After only a moment he pulls away with a gruff “Enough”. He grabs my face for a kiss as he pushes me back to the rug. He knows how sensitive my nipples are and how to make them work my legs open. I’m his. His lips and tongue drive me further into pleasure until I must have him inside me. My breath catches when he joins our bodies. He leans to me to kiss everywhere his mouth can reach while he begins moving in and out of me, building the pleasure up in me with every sigh.
Not Bling Owner
I reach a plateau and he shifts to lift one leg to his shoulder and hold it close. This new sensation inside me when he begins to move sets off sparks in my blood and I cry out, reaching blindly for him. He knows these signs from my body mean he should change nothing and he remains steady as I writhe mindlessly in pleasure. All I can manage is a broken “Don’t stop”. His fingers begin to work my clit in rhythm with our bodies, demanding I give him all of me. My body is responding in my breathing and in the blood surge that causes my clit to reach out to his fingers and the muscles inside get tighter until the orgasm he has built explodes in me. My body buckles and I scream. The spasms are earth shattering. He continues doing the exact things and draws the orgasm out until I can no longer do more than gasp “Please”.

He goes still and gives me a moment to recover but then pulls out and shifts me to my side. He lays down behind me and finds that spot in my back that makes me arch and fires my blood all over again. His tongue exploits that spot as his hand roams the front of my body.
Not Bling Owner
I reach behind me and take him in my hand, tightening my fingers and stroking him up and down. He lifts my leg and I guide him into me then push my arched-back hips down onto him. His hand goes to my hip and he positions himself to take over thrusting. Slow but steady he makes certain his dick crosses over my g-spot. I begin to tighten up all over again and toss my head, pleading. His fingers move to my clit and mine to my nipples. I barely have time to gasp before the orgasm hits me, so strong that it is several moments before the shudders ease, only to realize he has pulled me over on top of him to continue thrusting. I plant my feet and tilt my hips into him as he holds me tight and thrusts harder and faster, his own orgasm exploding within seconds.
Not Bling Owner
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Posted:Sep 4, 2021 7:32 pm
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2021 7:39 am

It was 2:30 a.m. The tossing and turning wasn’t working. Though she suspected he wanted to be alone, she wandered down to the living room. He was reclined in his chair and she wondered if he was asleep after all. She stepped across his outstretched legs and leaned over to nuzzle his neck. Before he could do more than bring his hands to her legs, her own hands found the button of his jeans and released it. The zipper seemed to move of its own volition. His breath caught in his chest as his hands involuntarily gripped her legs just above her knees. That was all the sign she needed and the thought of what he might be with all restraint gone was such an immediate-acting aphrodisiac that her mouth around him was her next awareness.

His response was immediate as well. Several minutes passed before his hands lifted her head and uttered a hoarse “Enough!” Before she could form the question, he was lifting her astride him. He only knew he had to be inside her. She’d unleashed the beast, and he was powerless to stop himself. Her lace and cotton underwear tore in his fingers and he buried himself in her warmth. She rocked her hips as he plunged and within moments his body tightened and he groaned with his orgasm. She forced her body to stillness with a shudder and moved to leave him but he pulled her down beside him in the chair. His breathing began to slow and his heartbeat returned to normal. The arm across her back relaxed and he drifted off to sleep. She rose, pulled the throw from the couch and spread it over him, and returned to bed.
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Up yours
Posted:Jan 4, 2020 12:47 pm
Last Updated:Sep 5, 2021 12:04 pm

To the cowardly fucktard midgabigtallguy, brave of you to send hate and block your profile. Not hearing what you want much?

"But my tiny dick is hard and I want..." egotistical crybaby.
Neighbor Wife
Posted:Aug 21, 2017 2:44 pm
Last Updated:Sep 26, 2021 9:39 am
We were out in our yards at the same time again so I decided to do it. I asked her if she’d ever been with a woman before and if she would consider letting me give her a couple hours’ pleasure. She wasn’t sure what to say and I told her I’d never done it either but thought she was beautiful and wanted to try it on her. I did not want her to reciprocate and she should think about it and let me know.

A couple of days later, I was out with the when the bus left with her and she came over. She said she wanted to but wasn’t sure if she wanted to tell her husband first or not. I told her that was up to her but I wasn’t going to play with him. It would be all about her only. She kind of grinned and I told her I would come over when everybody was gone if she wanted, to let me know. I smiled at her and rubbed her jaw with a finger. She’s almost 20 years younger than me but is a cutie. Her boys remind me a great deal of mine at that age.

I was checking the mail that day when her husband left after lunch. She came out to her own mailbox and looked at me and nodded. I smiled and crossed the street and followed her into her house. Her walk is a killer! We were both nervous and she wanted to know where we should start. I told her to just show me around the house if she wanted. She did, and saved their bedroom for last. I walked over to the bed and perched on the side of it and she took a seat beside me.

I asked her if she had orgasms with her husband, if she’d ever squirted, and if she’d ever been blindfolded. She told me not during penetration unless a vibe was used on her clit, no she hadn’t, and yes she had, tied too. I asked her if she would wear a blindfold now and she said yes. She went to a drawer and pulled one out and I walked up to her, took it out of her hand, and put it on her. I told her if she wanted to stop at any time to just say so. She was shivering and I asked her if she was ok so far. She nodded and I turned her and took her hands. With every step/move I told her what was happening and I led her over in front of her mirror.

I dropped her hands and moved behind her. I described looking at her in her mirror and nuzzled her ear while telling her what a great body she had. My hands reached up to just below her ears and my fingertips made contact with the back of her neck. They started down and I told her to hold her arms out. I kept my fingertips light all the way to the tips of her fingers, changed angle to come around them, and then began a trail on the underside of her arms. I kept the touch light all the way down her sides, her hips, and the outside of her legs. I helped her out of her shoes, asked if she was still alright. She said yes and my fingertips started back up, slowly moving from the inside of her legs around the sides and to the front of them as I went. I gripped the sides of her hips when I got there while I used my nose to make a line from one side to the other on the small of her back. Her tremble was different and she gasped.

I stood and asked her if she was ok and she nodded. I told her to lift her arms and when she did I slowly lifted her shirt up and off and let it fall to the floor. I took her hands and kept her arms extended as they lowered back to her sides. I ran my fingertips up the outside of her arms to her shoulders, down her sides to the waistband of her yoga pants, to the center, and up her spine to her bra strap. She swayed a little as I trailed my fingertips around the bottom of that strap to the front. I reminded her she could say stop whenever she wanted as I undid the clasp. I spread my fingers and let them trail over her breasts as I pushed her bra to the side, slide the straps off her shoulders and eased the whole thing down her arms where it too dropped to the floor. Another shudder and her breathing was quicker now. I nuzzled her ear again and told her to hold her arms out again. I lifted her blindfold and told her to open her eyes. She watched as I again ran my fingertips down her neck, the tops of her arms, around her fingertips, the underside of her arms to her sides, and down her sides to her waist. She swayed into me and I chuckled a little, asked if it felt good. She sighed and nodded and closed her eyes but I told her to keep watching. My fingertips started lightly moving in to the middle of her belly then back to her sides and up at the same time. Her breathing got quicker and she moaned. I went around the bottom of her breasts to the center and back out to the sides and around the top of them to the center. She leaned into me and I allowed my open palms to rub across the top of those perfect perky breasts back to her sides, up to her arm pits and traced her collar bones. My hands returned to cup her breasts and massage gently. Her eyes closed and she groaned. I reached up and pulled her blindfold back down, then put my fingertips up to her mouth and told her to lick them. I brushed that wet onto her puckered nipples and she gasped.

I encourage her to stand up when my hands go back to her sides and under the waistband of her pants and I ease them over her hips, down her legs, and help her out of them. The thong she is wearing is the perfect complement to her beautiful ass. I ran my fingertips up the outside of her legs to the straps on her hips to ease it down and off as well. My hands run around the front of her legs to the inside and I trace circles on this skin as I start up at the same time. She jumps and gasps as I get to her center, but I just go around, back to her sides and up to again cup her breasts. I tell her how absolutely beautiful she is as my thumbs brush her nipples. She leans into me again and I let my left arm come up under her breasts to anchor her while one leg goes between hers to edge them apart. My right hand slowly moves down and I use two fingers to slide around her clit and rub her outer lips. She trembles and moans and I remind her to say stop if she wants to. My hand cups a breast and a nipple is gently rubbed between two fingers while my other fingers work between her outer lips. She is moist already and I smile and moan for her.

I turn her to prop against her dresser, place her hands beside her on it. I want to kiss her but I’m not sure how either of us will do with that this first time. I place one leg between hers to ease them apart and gently rub her center with my thigh while my mouth drops down and my tongue takes turn flicking her nipples. Her hips start to rock against me and I decide it’s time to move. I take her hands and lead her over to the bed, talking to her the whole way. I move behind her as the front of her thighs touch the bed and my legs hold hers steady as my hands and upper body bend her over. She makes a whimpering sound when my legs push hers apart and my hands trail down her back and over her cheeks to lift and spread. What an awesome sight. I fall to my knees. My tongue traces her outer lips and I give each one a light suck. Her hips are arching out to meet me now and her breathing is rapid. My tongue slides down and flicks her clit while one finger slides down over her anus and to her vagina. Her clit swells under my tongue and I trace and tease her opening with my finger. She cries out.

I turn her over and place her feet on my shoulders. I reach up and brush my thumbs over her nipples as my tongue returns to flicking her clit. She squirms and rocks her hips. I pull her clit gently into my lips to suck, anchor my lips, and proceed to flick my tongue over her extended clit. Her hips disengage me when she screams. My hands go to her hips and rub her belly while I gently tell her we can stop if she wants. She sobs don’t stop. I stand and lean over her and while I’m sucking each nipple, I tuck her hands under her upper hips. I lower her hips onto her hands when I return to my knees, my tongue trailing a path to her clit. One arm settles over her belly and I enter her with one finger when my tongue flicks her clit again. She says she wants to cum. I ease 2 fingers into her and find her g-spot with a slow in and out motion. She cries out and I once again gently suck her clit into place to hold it while my tongue flicks it. Her head tosses and she is crying out with every breath. Her internal muscles continue to tighten on my fingers and within moments, she screams, her internal muscles spasm on my fingers, and her whole body bucks and shudders.

I keep going and so does her orgasm, until she tries to close her legs and roll away from me. I help her do so and gently rub her back until the shudders end and she is calm. I kiss her shoulder and tell her how much I enjoyed that and how grateful I am she let me please her, and I leave her to finish recovering.

**In truth, this is the way I want to be seduced. Maybe one day I'll find somebody that knows how**
Thinking of "him"
Posted:Aug 20, 2017 3:41 pm
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2021 8:09 pm
I knew what time he would arrive and that he had been out in the cold all day working. I turned the shower on hot enough to begin making steam and warmth in the bath room.

Hurried to and was waiting at the door when he came in. Before a word could be spoken, I bent and began unlacing his boots. He steps out of them and I straighten to tug off his gloves. He starts to say something and I shush him. Unzip and remove his coat. Run my hands up and push his scarf off his shoulders and up under the edge of his knit cap to ease it off his head. He reaches for me and again tries to say something and I take his hands in mine and shush him.

I turn and lead him into the bathroom. I hold up my pointer finger to indicate he should wait a minute. I adjust the water to the temperature he likes best. I turn and strip myself - keeping my eyes on his the whole time. He tries to reach for me and I push his hands away. Unbutton and remove his outer shirt. Unbutton and unzip his jeans. He moans, I shush. As gently but firmly as I can, I push his jeans down and help him step out of them. I don't want to give him the chills but I can't help running my fingers back up the length of his thermal-clad legs as I stand. I lift my face for his kiss and he makes me tremble but I fight it off and ease back to tug the tail of his undershirt out and push it up and off over his head. I have to pause and push his hands away and shush again.

I ease my fingers into his thermals waistband and gently but firmly push them down his legs and help him step out of them. His socks are next and I can't resist running a fingertip along the bottom of one foot as I feel he needs the different sensation. A moan/chuckle is my reward. This time his legs are covered only in his hair on my journey back up. His interest in the proceedings is quite plain, but I ignore it in favor of his legs and hips, back to his waist to remove his shorts. This time I stand beside him and bend to help him step out of them and he is touching me.

I can't lose my momentum though and straighten to lead him over to the shower where I usher him in and step in behind him. I watch him let the water run all over him before I reach for the shampoo. After his hair is washed and rinsed I pick up the soap and suds him from his shoulders to his toes from front to back as I work my way down. I ignore his groans and hands as best I can - I'm focused. His face and neck are last and I push him back under the water for full rinse with a slight smack on his butt.

He turns, rinsing, and I put my hands on his chest. I smile as my hands start falling when I lower to my knees. My hands run over his butt cheeks and down the back of his legs to his knees. Around to the front and up the inside of his thighs and I take him in my hands as my mouth first touches him. My tongue runs up and down his erection, all the way around it. I love to play with him this way but am not in the mood for teasing. I start sucking while one hand strokes with my mouth and my other hand massages his balls and runs up and down the inside of his thighs. I won't let him stop me and he can't fight it. He explodes in my mouth and an almost shout comes from him. I show no mercy until he pulls away.

I stand, smile and pat his butt again as I step out of the shower and leave him to recover. If I feed him dinner when he comes out of the bathroom will I have a reward?

...for "K" and what might have been if you could've been satisfied with me the way I am...
Stormy Surrender
Posted:Aug 18, 2017 11:00 am
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2021 8:10 pm

The clouds were dark and ominous when he heard the first rumble. Knowing she hated storms and was likely to be doing housework with her earbuds in listening to her favorite playlist, he headed that way. Found her in the bedroom finishing up dusting and he watched her dancing while dusting and singing away. He was smiling when she looked up and saw him and stuck out her tongue. Then she winced at a flash of lightning coming through the windows.

He took her hand and led her over in front of the dresser mirror where he stepped behind her and ran his hands from her shoulders to her fingertips. She swayed slightly and her eyes were round looking at him in the mirror. He opened the drawer and pulled out a bandana they’d used as a blindfold already. She swallowed hard as he lifted it to place it over her eyes and tie it securely. She reached to remove the earbuds and he caught her hands and stretched them out to the sides. She trembled and swayed into him when his hands traveled back the undersides of her arms and down the sides of her breasts to the waistband of her shorts. Thunder rolled.

He stripped her clothes off then pushed her back and onto the edge of the bed. He made sure her music was still going, then lifted her face and kissed her – lightly at first then harder and deeper. She moaned and put her arms around his neck. He lifted her knees and she laid back as his mouth started downward. His tongue flicked her nipples until she was squirming and whimpering and grasping his head. He grabbed her hands and held them to the mattress and sucked each nipple, lightly at first then harder. Her back arched off the bed offering herself and begging for more at the same time. Lightning flashed and thunder followed right behind.

He lifted her knees to his shoulders as he moved down to seek her clit with his flicking tongue. Her hands clinched the bedcovers and her hips squirmed until he grasped them to hold her for his attentions. She pushed her hips into him and her head rolled from side to side and her breath started catching and he lightly sucked her clit between his lips, anchored it there, and began to flick the exposed and extended clit. She gasped under the intensity and grabbed his head. He pulled back and took her hands; kissed each palm and pulled them under her butt cheeks so that it not only lifted her to him but her own weight helped secure her hands. When he retook her clit and flicked it, she cried out – that animal sound signifying half intense pleasure and half self control being ripped away. His tongue kept flicking her held clit while her entire body became taunt and she began to pant. The orgasm vibrated through her whole body and stole her breath. The first rain drops began to hit the roof as the storm continued to build.

He pushed her up onto the bed further then climbed up her to straddle her head. Her hands were reaching for him before he stopped moving and guided the head of his hard dick into her mouth. He watched her take it in, then release him to run the tip of her tongue down the underside to his balls. She sucked each one before one hand moved to cup and massage them while her other hand moved to circle and stroke his dick as her mouth once again sucked him in. He gently moved his hips and fucked her mouth until the rhythm and sensation nearly ripped his control away and his eyes closed and head went back in ecstasy. The rain began to pound the roof to more lightning and booming thunder.

He pulled away to move his body over hers and she whimpered and opened in welcome when the heat and weight of his body came down on her. He reached down to suck her nipples into his mouth again and her hips undulated under him. He put just the head in her and held still until she reached for his hips and pushed herself up to him. Refusing to let her push him out of control, he inched in and backed out – making sure he was in contact with her clit. He slowly built speed and intensity until she was once again writhing and gasping. He felt her body tense, inside and out, and was prepared when her cry made him want to fuck her wildly. He did not give in and didn’t waver in his actions and moments later another orgasm buckled her body and convulsed it into spasms, inside and out. He let go of his control and his own orgasm ripped through him. The rain turned lightly steady and there was no more lightning or thunder as their bodies recovered and they drifted off to sleep still intertwined and connected.
Sportus Interuptus
Posted:Aug 17, 2017 2:43 pm
Last Updated:Apr 23, 2021 8:13 pm

We were sitting on the loveseat and his legs were stretched out in front of him, I was kind of curled up with my feet against his outer thigh. The game was on and he was focused on it. I tried to get into it, but my thoughts kept wandering elsewhere. I had my hand between my thighs and started doodling silly patterns on the inside of my thigh with my fingers. I didn’t fully realize my own body’s reaction to it until he fussed at me for digging my curled toes into his leg. I mumbled something and eased them off. He never even looked my way.

One hand slipped under my shirt to draw those patterns on my belly and the other moved to, slowly and gently, rub my clit through my clothes. My nipples are horribly sensitive and get more sensitive at certain times, and my t-shirt moving across them was almost enough…my fingers reached up to catch one and rub/squeeze it to a peak. My breath caught on a gasp and he cut a glance sideways to admonish me about my toes again.

My hands traded places so my other nipple could get some attention and not only did the muscles in my legs tighten with the nipple and start pushing into his leg, my breathing got harder to match the increase in pulse. The noise I made must’ve finally gotten through his football brain because he looked over at me and asked me what was wrong and why was I breathing that way. I must’ve mumbled something again, probably around some kind of gasp, because he started to get up and turn toward me and realized what I was doing. “Are you kidding me?” he asked, and I started to get up and leave.

He pulled me down in his lap and pulled my right leg over his and leaned us both back. His hands went under my clothes to take over the job himself. I moaned and felt him hard and pressing on my butt when my hips started rocking. His one hand moved to the other nipple and I really started squirming. He pushed me up and pulled my shirt off and grunted when I started rocking and rotating my hips to rub my ache against his hard dick. He cuffed my hip and pushed me up until I was on my feet then got up and led me to the couch. He laid me down and laid on top of me, but lower and catching my arms by my sides.

His mouth closed on a nipple and I cried out. He trailed his mouth to the other one and by the time he had done little more than capture it I was writhing and whimpering. For what seemed like an eternity he simply went from one to the other, spending a little more time on each one each time, alternating between sucking and tongue flicking. I wasn’t aware of my legs opening and closing on their own but it reached a point where he was positioned between them, with the head of his dick rubbing my clit through my clothes with every rock and writhe I made. I started sweating and begging and he chuckled/groaned. When I nearly sat up and pushed him off the couch he started talking soothing nonsense while he got to his knees and stripped my shorts and panties off.

My hands immediately went to his belt and button and zipper and freed him. He groaned and reached for my already too-sensitive clit. One touch and I cried out a begging moan. His fingers dipped down to the damp heat and into me to begin working me open. My hips just would not be still and he pushed my hands aside, positioned himself, and eased into me at the same time he leaned over me and again took a nipple in his mouth. The sensation went straight to my uterus and made me tighten up. When his mouth switch to the other nipple my hips started pumping and my hands started trying to pull him in deeper.

He grabbed my hands and caught my arms beside me as he let his weight fall on me and he reached under me to grab my butt in both hands. He proceeded to stroke long and slow until I saw stars behind my eyelids and my body erupted in an orgasm that hit me hard. He tried to keep it going but the spasms of my body got to be too much and he followed me into the bliss.

When I could breathe I giggled and asked him what the score was.

He said “you win”.
No More Attitude!
Posted:Aug 16, 2017 1:04 pm
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She was in the kitchen and after the 2nd loud noise he called out to her as he started that way, intending to check on her. Her terse “WHAT?” had him cocking an eyebrow as he rounded the corner. He told her he was just checking on her and again, a terse “I’m fine” was the answer. He asked her who pissed her off and she glared at him. His other eyebrow went up and she huffed away. He shook his head and walked up behind her, took her hand, and said “Follow me for a minute.” She immediately pulled back and started to protest, knowing what was about to happen and not ready to NOT be mad. He simply turned back, pushed her against the countertop, and bent her a little back over it while capturing her mouth in a kiss that left no room for argument. She started to protest and he took the kiss deeper and used the top of his leg to give the junction between her legs a rub.

She gasped and he added a little more pressure. Her breath caught and he knew he had her. He pulled away and said “Follow me”, and turned and started for their bedroom. Her argument was weak and he didn’t bother to respond. When he reached the side of the bed he simply said “That’s enough” while unbuttoning her blouse. He left it hanging while unbuttoning her slacks and pushing them and her panties down. He slid her shoes off her feet and finished removing her pants and panties. His hands glided up her as he stood up and once again silenced her mouth with his own. When her breathing quickened, he pushed her blouse down to her elbows and tied the ends together in front her, then lowered her to the bed. His leg went between hers and he gave her another rub and she squirmed, trying to position where she wanted it most. He nibbled on her nipples through her bra, never stopping the rubbing with his leg and she went from sighing to whimpering. He moved his mouth down her body and she arched up into him instinctively, her knees falling apart.

His tongue traced her, inside and out. She writhed and reached with her hips, trying to get his mouth where she wanted it. He lightly sucked her clit into his mouth and held it there while his tongue flicked the extended end. When she thrust up harder and cried out, he stopped and started the light tracing again. After the third time of repeating this process, she reached to try to untie the knot of her shirt. He told her no, her attitude had to change. She couldn’t decide to cuss at him or plead, and he climbed on the bed, and shifted her until he was leaning against the corner post and she was between his legs. He put her lower arms under his legs, put her ankles over his shoulders, and pulled her by the hips up to his mouth. He pulled her bra down and his fingers rolled and tweaked her nipples while his mouth resumed the tracing. She got her feet on his shoulder and started grinding her hips. He chuckled, knocked her feet off, then captured and held her hips. This time when he sucked her clit in and flicked it, he didn’t relent until she came for him.

He told her “No more attitude” before he left her to recover, knowing that later…
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She awakened suddenly and laid quietly, realizing that she was sweating and her pulse was racing – she was aroused! As she looked toward the clock, his shoulders nudged her knees apart. Startled, a scream rose in her throat and she sat up. His hands went around her waist and he chuckled seconds before his tongue touched her clit and flicked it, his lips surrounded it, and he began sucking lightly. The scream escaped as a piercing cry when she sank back to the mattress.

He moved to hold her more firmly when she began to whimper and squirm, used his fingers inside her to turn those whimpers into gasping moans. When he thought she was getting close, he shifted up to drape his body over her waist and hold her. He positioned his fingers and began to work her g-spot and was gifted with screams, a wildly involuntarily bucking body, and squirt.

He held her until her trembles subsided. When her breathing returned to normal, she was so still he thought she might have dozed off. He would wonder later what surprised him most; her voice, her hand closing around the hard length of him or moments later her mouth surrounding him. After a while they drifted back to sleep with her head on his chest and one leg over his.
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He was curious about what my regular deep tissue massage was like so I let him go along on my appointment. We both told him he was welcome to sit in but this was not about him whatsoever and he would have to be quiet and just observe. He said he understood so we went into the room and closed the door. He sat in the chair and I told him to close his eyes so I could strip and get on the table and he looked at me with one eyebrow raised and folded his arms over his chest. I put my hands on my hips and glared at him and he grinned and closed one eye. I shook my head and gave up, stripped, and got under the sheet on the table. He made a noise but I wouldn’t even look at him.

I heard her ask through the door if I was ready and I answered yes. She came in and lowered the lights and asked if I was comfortable and warm enough. I assured her all was well. She started at my head with me on my back and we fell into our easy conversation as she worked my neck and shoulders. We kept up the quiet and easy banter and even some light laughing as she worked her way around, exposing what she needed to as she went. I heard him chuckle once and that was it.

She had me roll over and placed a roll pillow under my ankles. She covered me completely with the sheet and spent a few minutes using the machines on me (she has 3 different ones that do different work – we call it tenderizing). Again she moved around the table, exposing what she needed to to ply the muscles. She does my back last and he asked if he could move closer to see what she was doing and we both consented. My face was buried in the hole in the table anyway, lol.

She got done and pulled the sheet back up and told me to lay there and relax for a little while. I had no idea he had talked to her and asked if we could have the room for awhile. The music was playing and the lights were still low, and I felt him run his hand up one leg, over my ass, and up my back. I was relaxed but this touch was different and I knew it. Some goose bumps popped up and he chuckled. He leaned over me and told me to stay relaxed but roll over. I laughed but went along.

As soon as I was on my back, he grabbed my legs and pulled me down to the end of the table, making sure that roll pillow went under my hips. I started to protest and he said it was my turn to be quiet, if I could. I gasped and he threw the sheet up over his head, slipped his arms under my legs and grabbed my hips, and tongued my clit. I whimpered and he reached up to tweak my nipples while he sucked around my clit, stirring the blood where he wanted it. When his mouth closed around my clit, sucking it likely in and holding it there while his tongue started to flick it I cried out and grabbed him with my legs. His arms tightened on my sides and I came. He kept it going for what seemed like an eternity – until I was too weak to try to push him away anymore.

He slid me up on the table, made sure I was covered, and left me to recover and join them.

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