Covers vs's not a contest!  

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7/5/2021 8:23 pm

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Covers vs's not a contest!

First up this is "not" what is better, but looks at interesting cover versions (remember with no original these<b> songs </font></b>would not exist!) but to highlight to just enjoy all versions as great interpretation's (albeit some are very different takes on) of great music.

SEX ON FIRE * Kings of Leon * Kina Grannis * Cannons

IMAGINE * John Lennon * Eva Cassidy * India Carney

I'M INTO SOMETHING GOOD * Earl Jean * The Bird and the Bee * Herman's Hermits

SWEET OF MINE * Guns N Roses * Taken by Tree's * Rachel Leahcar

YOU REALLY GOT ME * The Kinks * Cavale * Van Halen

Twist and Shout * The Isley Bros * The Beatles * Salt N Pepa

Any comments/thoughts?

Share them please.

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