wvalleycpl 62M/62F
16 posts
12/8/2015 3:16 pm

Greetings everyone! We just wanted to encourage everyone not to give up when looking for whatever or whoever you seek. As of late we've gone from talking/meeting some ladies who were very nice but things just didn't work out to others who we thought were the one , only to be totally disappointed. But, we kept looking and have met somone who appears to be the lady we've been looking for!! Only time will tell. Our advise to everyone is, do not give up and don't lower your standards. Insist on talking and getting to know someone first. If they do not want to talk, just say BYE!! If they don't want to get to know you as a person they probably aren't worth your time!! Take care and Happy Holidays!!

Joemac68 53M
4 posts
12/8/2015 3:51 pm

You are right, I have missed hookups yet I have also found some great couples and singles(whom played with the couple)... Yes keep at it!

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