Coffee house Meeting.  

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11/18/2021 3:15 pm
Coffee house Meeting.

The coffee house is rammed full of people and the windows are steamed up on the cold winter's day. We meet with a smile and a kiss. As the conversation gets more intense. I slide my hand up the back of your leg and between your thighs, beyond the tops of your hold ups, gently passing by your pussy with my thumb and caressing your thigh with my palm, stroking you through your knickers. I feel you getting hotter and wetter. Our breathing gets heavier and your whole body starts convulse. The heat of your breath on my face as the<b> kissing </font></b>gets more and more passionate.

We move the car. Whilst driving back yours I slip my hand into your coat and with those beautiful firm boobs. Teasing your nipples hardened by the cold air and excitement. You start rub my cock through my trousers, this is making you wetter. You feel straining against my jeans. You unbutton me and pull out my now rock hard cock. You can't resist putting in your mouth, caressing the with your tongue, teasing out and tasting my pre-cum. I pull up your skirt and and my finger into your yearning ass, pulling your mouth down further onto my cock. The warmth of your mouth on such a cold day urging me to push my cock deeper.

We arrive at yours we can't keep our hands off each other,<b> kissing </font></b>and pulling at each other's clothes. We find ourselves standing naked in your lounge. Staring and gasping at each other with smiles on our faces and fire in our eyes, like we’re daring each other to make the next move…...

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