ToyBares 55 / M
""Good Times!" (with somone(s) who apreciate the Journey)"
Fantasy Island, Virginia, United States
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ToyBares 55/M
Fantasy Island, Virginia
[B][U]*[/U][/B] If you can see my whole profile page and you don't like to read my very long profile. You can go down to the bottom of my page to the underline asterisk ([B][U]*[/U][/B]) and get the shorten version of it. But if you really want to know a little of what I'm about read on. [SIZE 1][COLOR red]WARNING: Any institutions using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects - You do NOT have my permission to use any of my profile, pictures, groups, any form or forum both current and future. If you have or do, it will be considered a serious violation of our privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications.[/COLOR][/SIZE] Here's the Link to [group_post 1511514 The Freak Test] take it. Its fun. I would like to start off wishing everyone "Good Moaning" and to say "Thank you ladies!". There are so much pussy, and sexy ass females with some hot pictures on here, and the majority of you all are looking good.(Black, white, short, tall, big, little, younger, older, big tits, lil tits, phat asses, lil asses and everything in between) The voyeur in me like seeing you all. So a Big Thanks too all who has posted sexy pics. I think you are beautiful, sex is beautiful, and the things two or more pers can do to each other is beautiful. So every one do your thing do let other control what you do by their hating. (and If you are a couple and your women got some sexy pic on here. Please take it as a compliment to her when you get a message) I don't have a need to "fuck every girl in the world". But love to find one or two who is open minded enough to do almost all the things every girl in the world willing to do. Good pussy(or a good per) the gift that keeps on giving. I'm looking for a special friend(s) who I can click with and can have some adult fun with. I'm a very laid back per and easy going. Don't like much drama or BS. I try to be honest and straight up. Just try to be real. I'm a father, , uncle, brother, I'm a Dilf (dads I like to Fuck), etc. A real down to earth kinda guy. The key word is REAL I'm not just a penis for order (can be) but I'm a real per with life desires, issues, and responsibilities. I do go out sometimes but I'm not a party animal. I'm discreet [U]when need to be[/U]. I guess you can say I'm a undercover freak. (aren't we all) I like to chill out with that special someone or with friends and family. Enjoy all kind of activity movies, parks, just hanging out, cards, events, ethics things, travels, sports, chilling at home, sex, erotic things, making love, fucking, sucking, kinky sex, some freaky sex, some fetishes, fantasies, and maybe a little bizarre sex (Hey!! Don't go there I know what you're thinking, I'm not crazy!!) Look I'm a 110% STRAIGHT MAN, open minded and down for almost whatever. I just like to have a good time and a little fun in life. Life, is to short I want to enjoy it. Don't have time to waste on meaningless and trivial $hit. Try to live my life like tomorrow is not promised to me. Love to be with that Special Someone, some day but until then. I like to check out my other options and explore a little. whenever I'm in a serious relationship I can be a one woman's man if we are doing the things we both like. I don't like to lie or cheat. I like receiving and giving you orgasms. But I really love the journey it take for us to get them. (lets go on that journey) I think Sex is better when you with someone who you really care about you. But it can be good, with someone you really don't care about. If you can put yourself in the right state of mind. As long as you both are down. The more you can get yourself into the right zone and get in tune with the other per the better it gets. I'm down with all of that. I'm into the sharing thing. Sharing our time, bodies, kisses, emotions, orgasms, fluids, skills, passion, sharing the most wonderful physical feeling that us human can have and our memories. Sometime I like my sex slow, close, and romantic. Other times I like buck wild, freaky, kinky, and bang it up sex. Most times a little of both. (there's always just oral and quickies) I love sex and all the sensation that cum with it. Can be romantic and affectionate at times. I love the giving and receiving of it and the excitement of the unselfishness and the unexpected things that each per does to give one another mental and physical sensations. I look at your body like a beautiful instrument. I want to play it well, making wonderful sounds cum from it. Do you know, how you get when you are all excited, body feeling intense, mouth watering, anticipate whats to cum? I really get into sex, and like all the little things about it, like the faces you make during sex, your odd movements, the sounds you make, the way you look at me, your passion, the juices we make, the way it and you taste, our aromas, your body and body heat, the way you feel, the way your clit... feels.... how it swells... on my tongue.... how it throbs.... when you cumminnnnn..... mmm.... mmmm ...every little movement I make.... make it throb be soooo sensitive....... hhhooold up,..... let me marinate on that for a second mmmmm....mmmmm...mmmmm... ok I'm back, the way you touch me, the way you make me feel, how you handle my body, the things we do to please each other,...mmmm...mmmmm.....wait I can't go back there... the things you willing to do to me, and the [U]memories we will share[/U].(OK made it through that) To me it's all about everyone being satisfied. I want to make you squirm just because it feels good to me and that's the way and the kind of per I want to give it back to me in return. In the Heat of the moment there's not much I wouldn't do or let you do. I want to try and make you climax every times. But I want you to remember everything that happen before you CAME. Its not about where you are at its more about how you got there. I like to make sex fun, like play sex games, contests, challenges, a lil role playing, toys, just playing with each other, or laying around naked. "Love to lick you up and down until you say stop." love that tune, and if we really hit it off from the front to back and head to toes. I'm also down with anal or anal play I'm cool if you not.(are you going to act like daddy's big girl?) To me having anal is more about the experience we share together, the gift of us exploring things, the fun and challenge of us just trying it, successful or not, then the act its self and just maybe it being very enjoyable for both as well. (as for my ass go nothing but a tongue or maybe just the tip of a finger on me) I love it when you swallow, it drives me crazy but no big deal if you don't. I do understand you can't do that with everybody. (Please Do me!!) just don't be scared of the jizzism and playing with the dick when I'm cumming, it be feeling so good, so sensitive, its gets my heart racing and that feelin in my chest you get when you falling, going down a big hill or a roller coaster mmmmm. Love to have someone who is at lease a Triple threat meaning good pussy, good oral skills, and anal which is all men dreams. I like to do spontaneous things like getting busy at the park, in the rain, in or on a car, us just out driving and we pull off to the side of the road some where just to have sex, calling your voice mail while we having sex so we can replay it and hear the sounds we made, [B]Funch[/B] (fucking at lunch) or us at a party or a event where we dash into a bathroom (or some hidden place). Get us a quickies (oral or straight sex). Lets imagine about this real quick. We're in crowed with loud music going. We just snuck off somewhere, we checking around making sure no one can see us, we can still hear everyone around us, we're hoping no one find us, we get our self ready to do it, start off with some passionate kisses, then we start pulling clothing down or off, I grab your breast and touch the tip of your nipples sending like a electricity bolt through your breast directly to your heart then it pass it all throughout your body. Then I begins to sucking them, genitalia exposed, we starts,(orally or fucking) we're doing it, trying to go straight for it, to make it quick, you, I, or both start getting that sensation like you're getting close to cumming, getting excited and anxious of the anticipation of what about to happen, you feel the spot, and you hoping that I will continue to hit it, I hit it! you get that surprise like its about to happen, feeling the first signs of a orgasm beginning, I hit it again!, your body begins to tingle, Bang!, nipples get harder, Bang again!, your eyes begins closing and roll back, Bang! heart start racing, Bang, Bang! you start getting that rush, Bang, Bang, Bang! then the build up, with your muscles tensing up all through your body from your face down to your toes, BANG BANG!! CLIMAX!!, the release, out flows the fruit of our labor, follow by the involuntary spasm in your private area, Slow Grind.. you start feeling somewhat of the chills, with goose les popping up, you open your eyes, Kiss... your body loosen back up, then your body get very sensitive to any touch, I go down to kiss your clit, you push me off of you. Then I began kissing you and sucking breast... you have that dazed look and relax feeling. Then reality hits you on where you are. Excited from the experience. After all of that we cum back out to the crowd of people. Both of our bodies still throbbing and tingling from what just happen. Both of us thinking if you all only knew what we just done or if anyone heard or seen us. Us laughing watching each other trying to play things off. Don't that sounds good? Like I said I love sex (pussy) but its a little more than just the sex. Its the passion and having the desire to go and do thing to drive each other crazy. I want you to feel my dick hours later. When you are sitting around doing your thang I want you to say Damn my pussy feels like it was fucked or handled good. Not only by beating up the pussy but by showing it a lot of attention. It's isn't just about sticking it in and out and busting a nutt. It more of us doing the things to freak and making each other feel real good ("MAKE ME FEEL REALLLL GOOD!!" Halle Berry from Monster Ball), and the experience shared like when you think back on it, it take you right back there, almost like you can feel it (or want to feel it) all over again.(u know something to reflect on when masturbating) Someone who know that your body has trigger spots that can be found in combination of regular sex, oral and anal that can drive you crazy, and induce orgasms, like the guys nipples, nutts, anal area, legs, knees, etc its the same on the ladies. Sex is a art and I look at it as one. A true artist can find and bring out the beauty in everything. No matter how weird, ugly, crazy, odd, bizarre, etc. things maybe. I will try my best to bring out your enter freakness. Sex is Beautiful. So lets do what grown folks do! Look I'm not trying to say I'm perfect or anything. I'm just a guy with no un-ordinary magical power. We all have our own issues. But I'm the bomb to me. So respect that. As I will respect you. All this in my profile is how I feel and my belief. A lot of it really got to deal with the connection we have. All my life I consider myself as a student of sex. I try to learn as much as I can. Every time I hear or see something about it on T.V., the Web, movies, documentaries, etc., its study time. There's not much I haven't heard of or seen. Not because I'm into any and everything, or trying to get off or anything. I do it just for knowledge and the voyeur in me. (That's how I came across AFF) I'm on AFF because I love sex, I'm looking for some straight up freaky compatible friends, to explore more of my freaky side, and may be try a few new things. (probably same for most) I like the ideal that on AFF the sex thing is already on the table. Not saying it gotta happen. But everyone knows what the main goal is on here.(find someone compatible maybe get busy and go from there) I do good sexually on my own. I not looking just to have sex. I want to have some good sexual experiences with some like minded per(s). I have actually met a few nice people from here (and a couple of nutts). But over all I think this site is a great way to meet new people that you wouldn't normally proposition or run across in your every day life encounters... plus the site is a great way to find someone who is more sexually compatible with you before you meet them cutting out some BS. (even though there's are some fake profiles and people on here, its all good) But some of you needs to just grow up, stop play games, and B Real to yourself first of all and then to other. I really don't like lying people. I rather deal with a truthful street hoe then to deal with a church going lying untruthful per any day at lease I know what I'm deal with. Well maybe not to that extreme but you know what I'm saying. [B]it is what it is[/B] I'm a 6'2" black man with a muscular built, big thick wide chest, I have between 7 to 7 1/2 inches, thick with the phat classic mushroom shape head. Well anyway Holla if you want to share some great sexual memories with me or just to say hey or what ever. On here or at (y-a-hoo) ;) with my profile name. I'm not big on a lot of IM-ing I don't be on it much. I do think its a good way to keep in touch with you. If you don't like what you see and read then good luck and Thanks for checking me out.(I do love my SISTAH, I thank the man up stairs for you, but I am color blind, also I like various of types of styles of women like dark, medium, light, thick, slim, tall, short, lil tits, big tits, shy, professional, preppies, street, etc.) Make sex physical, emotional, excitable and rememberable. Meanwhile check out and join my group (it's for all races). Take The Freak Test you may learn a little about yourself or BJ 101. The Link is right here [group group 34091 Black on Black (w/ lil spice)] Thanks [bling 158198][bling 193598][bling 193607][bling 193564] P.S. If you read all of this and you send me a message saying TELL ME A LIL MORE ABOUT YOURSELF you are wasting my time. Just ask me what you want to know. Also if I sent you some picture of me please send me at lease one face pic back and if you came across my profile and you are sending a message include a pic also. (I'm back as a paying member so the first part of this is old). I'm limit to the number of emails I can send out. So I will apologize to you ahead of time, if it take me a long time to get back to you or if I don't. I'm already way behind. I will be up grading soon. I been a member on this site for awhile now. Just taken a little break from paying. May renew sometime in July. Will be checking my messages, the group and other things. If you hit me up. I will hit you back soon or when I start paying again. So keep hitting me, sending me flirts, hot listing, joining my network, taken my bling and posting in the group. But I am getting a lil board with the site. I been a member on here since 2003. People are get faker and faker these days. I have had many good experience on here but hope somebody(ies) can bring me back to the old glory days on here. Thanks [B]T.B.[/B] [B]Look do advertise for my group and bling, but [B]I'm 100% real about meeting[/B] people, seeing where things goes and getting freaky with new friends. So Please don't think I'm just on AFF to promote these things I'm promoting my self and would like for you to just check out those things and I know I have a lot of friends in my network but it doesn't mean I'm getting or gotten with all of them. [/B]

My Ideal Person I like to have a professional women or partners. One who have some business sense. But is well rounded enough to hang with just about anyone. (From the white house to the hood) Down and freaky like Vanessa Del Rio and cool and classy like Michelle Obama all rolled up into one or just maybe someone who's nonprofessional who just want to have funnnn. (Toot that thing up!!) Like to start things off with FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS, one on one, then go from there or just maybe some discreet NSA. I would like to explore my sexually a lil more with someone(s) Needs to be clean, disease free, have some dignity and respect for themselves and other. Real down to earth. Someone who say what they mean and mean what they say. Willing to try all most anything once maybe twice (the first time may have just turn out bad). As long as there's respect present all is good. Someone during sex who can let themselves go into that ZONE (go for what you know). When all is done there's no telling what we done. Who can put that little extra into sex. To drive your partner crazy. Making them want to run away from you, push you off of them or make them moan loudly. Do you know what I mean? Stuff that make you say " I can't believe you, I, or we done that or I let you do that". No shame to our game. Who knows their way and not scared of the dick. (Who knows the penis good enough to take your pulse through it and can tell you how many beats per minute (BPM) your heart is beating.) Do things to you just because you can and you have the skills too. From time to time get a little "showboating freaky" or what I like to say "win you some style points". Someone who can show their all (good, bad, and maybe ugly) sides. Also someone who believe sex is not a horse race it's a all day event. Really the key word is "PLEASURE" you need to be open minded to try/cum up with different things to give and receive pleasures. Patience to start off slow and see how ones react to new things before going to crazy with it. Able to read your partners body signs to guild you onto what to do next. I'm looking for a FREAK-MATE short or long term. I think there's a difference between Making love, Fucking, have sex, getting freaky, being kinky, freaky Deeky, and being sexual. Some of them can be part of the same thing. But there is a big difference. Making love is more mental than the physically. Fucking is when two or more people just go for what they know to have orgasms. Having sex is a lil of every thing in the act. Getting freaky is when you do things to shock your partner(s) sexually. Being kinky is when you want to try new things all the time. Freaky Deeky is when you are open for any and everything. Being sexual is to do things that stimulate your partner(s) mental and/or physically any time any place having sex or not. I like them all but love when we can be sexual (you know shit like sexual gesture, lying around fumbling one another , wearing no panties with a dress on, puttin on sexy outfits, dressing up, little notes, calling or text/sexting leaving freaky messages, reaching out and fumble the nuts, chest, back, ass, or suck on something while we are fucking, Shit pull the dick out suck on it for a minute and then jump back on it, sucking the dick just because, taste or swallow the fruit, eating the pussy while you are cooking, rimming, walk in the door and just attack you, spontaneous start playing with yourself in front of me, spooning, teasing me, role play, going to a hotel, watch porn, learning a new trick, trying something new, etc) Let me know what's your dos and don'ts are. If you are the type of person that thinks just because you got a pussy, and that's all you need to bring to the table then thanks for making it this far on my profile Holla!! I like the giving and receiving to be around or close to 50/50. (oral, freakyness, and putting in work) It don't have to be like that all the time because sometimes I may want to just please you and sometimes I may just want to be pleased.(u know sometimes you may just feel like a nutt but most of the time u want to feel like u been through a battle, cum one cum all) I try to keep my compatible friend close. Meaning not trying to get with everyone on FriendFinder-x. So when I do get with someone I'm cool with. I try to chill with them for awhile. So sometime you may see me on the site chatting, blogging, in groups, checking out profiles, and etc. I may not at the time be meeting any new people. But if like what you see and read give me a holla, I'll let you know what's up. I take relationships for it's face values. It is what it is. If things are not right between us. No hard feelings. I maybe the first one the walk away and may maintain a good friendships. Not trying to take up all of any ones time. I like to work out a good and healthy schedule for us to get together or hangout. If it goes somewhere else. Then we can be real about things, be respectful about it and we'll handle it like grown folks. I like passion so you should know the difference between romance and sex and be able to adept to both. (I believe when you first meet someone. What you done before meeting me is in your past. The first 6mos. is a learning period. Up to a year to get rid of 95% of all of your old doings. 5% may last a bit longer but sill need to be work on. I do not hold on to the fact that you had a past or was on FriendFinder-x doing the wildest things as long as you can keep things out of my face to the minimum. It all good. I'm only saying this just because I had been asked questions on this before. I'm not looking or going to push for anything but some good adult friends and fun. But if we fit we fit anything can happen. If you keep it NSA I will keep it NSA. If you are feeling something and I'm not Please don't trip. Feel me?)

I put women sexually in three category: (I guess men too)
1) You are a pleaser. (you get off on seeing/making people have enjoyment from you: your own pleasure may or may not be a major deal)
2) Only want to be pleased. (you really just want to get off: the pleasure of others may or may not be a big deal)
3) You give what you get. (you want someone to take you there and then you will return the favor: If someone give you good pleasure it a big deal to return it)
Which one are you? OK there is one more
4) you do whatever it takes to make it enjoyable for both or all. (you want to take someone there so they can take you somewhere: you want make sure they get pleasure and you get yours)

Also I think everybody have sex because of one or more of these motives or reasons:
1. Because of love or you want love.
2. Want or looking for some passion.
3. Its been awhile, just horny or just want to be fucked.
4. Want to be freaked (want to be turned out), get freaky (turn someone out), or curious about something (want to try something new).
5. You or someone are going through somethings. (happy, sad, rewards, etc.)
6. You have some kinda of a addiction, weakness, self esteem, or control issue(s).
7. To get things (money, power, respect, position, etc.)
8. Forced, pressure, taken, powerless, etc.
Think about it.

* Well Anywho Wait!!! What the hell!!! Damn!!! I think I maybe over thinking my profile, asking and saying too much. Maybe I'm gettin this all twisted. Just forget about all that I have said from up top. "LOOK" if you're look for a friend, horny, lonely, need a maintenance man, want to chat, want to get your freak on, talk some shit or whatever. Hit me up and we can see if we are compatible enough to get things popping off. I'm look for sexual excitement in my life and I love to return the favor with a down freaky friend(s)

Sex can do and be many different things for each and everyone of us gratifying, psychological, emotional, fulfilling, liberating, adventurous, just physical, artful, a stress relief, beautiful, etc. It can be amazing or not. We just have to see. I try not to have any expectations when I meet someone. We are all god's children. I do believe it's better to have friends and don't need them, then to need them and don't have. Not say I'm looking or need things from you. But the value from a friendship can be priceless. As someone else said on here I have a Asshole don't need another one. Everyone don't have to reply to my profile. But Holla Back if you like to check me out......... If you skipped to the end of my profile, Its all good. If you read every word XOXO I hope you enjoyed the ride of what you read. Regardless hope to hear from you. Thanks T O Y B A R E

To all: Guys, Dudes, Men, Boys, TS, TV, TG, or Whatever, I'm not Bi or Curious. STOP SENDING ME MESSAGES...Please, Don't waste your time sending me anything!!!!!!!!........Thanks

Tell one of your favorite sexual fantasies. Don't hold back!:
I got a lot of them. (One) to be in a long term threesome relationship
FMF where everybody knows what up and we all gets along together.
(Two) To have sex with five different women of five different
races all at the same time black, hispanic, asian, white,
& mid eastern. (Three) Is to find that right women in
my life, have a great relationship and we can be as freaky
as we both wish to be together. Wow that's provably far
fetched LOL Hey they are just fantasies.

What types of sexual activities turn you on?:
Giving Oral Sex, Receiving Oral Sex, Toys (Vibrators/Dildos/etc.), Rimming, Fetishes, Threesomes, Mutual Masturbation, Participating in Erotic Photography, Voyeurism, Massage, anything two or more adults can agree too, Anal sex some times and maybe a few other things named onhere.

What factors are most important to you when looking for a sexual partner?:
Sexual experience, Physical attraction, Same/similar fetishes, Experience in a certain role (top/bottom; master/slave), Ability to be discreet, Open to ménage à trois and/or orgies, Sexual appetite, Willingness to freely discuss and try anything, Agreeable to a commitment free sexual relationship, Creativity/Kinkiness level, A little of each, and try anything

Ever fantasized about having sex with a celebrity? Who? What turns you on about them?:
a few

Have you ever had cybersex?:
No way. I only want skin on skin.

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  • 55 / male
  • Fantasy Island, Virginia, United States
Sexual Orientation:
Looking For:  Women, Couples (man/woman), Groups or Couples (2 women)
Birthdate: October 18, 1966
Marital Status: Single
Height: 6 ft 2 in / 187-190 cm
Body Type: Athletic
Smoking: I'm a non-smoker
Drinking: I'm a light/social drinker
Drugs: I don't use drugs
Education: Some college
Occupation: Engineering/Technical
Race: Black
Religion: Spiritual
Have Children: Yes. We sometimes live together.
Want Children: Prefer not to say
Speaks: English
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Bald
Eye Color: Brown
Glasses or Contacts: None
My Trophy Case: